If you are pregnant and in jail can someone adopt your baby?

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yes someone can adopt your baby while u are in jail all u have to do is cotact a lawyer or find the parents u want for your child and contact them and let them know your wishes.if you do plan on giving your baby up for adoption can i ask where are u at and i have other things i want to ask but it baceause i know someone who would like to adopt heres my email ribblo@yahoo.com
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If you are 19 and pregnant should you keep the baby or put it up for adoption?

That is something that you need to decide for yourself. You are an adult now and should be capable of making adult decisions. If you believe you're in a good position to t

If your ex-girlfriend is pregnant and wants to place the baby for adoption how can you get full custody of the child?

Answer . \nThe law presumes and unmarried female, regardless of her age, has the legal right to make any decision concerning a unborn or born child.\n. \nBefore the court

Do babies know when someone is pregnant?

Yes, they do. They generally will hug the mother's stomach or if they're old enough, coo at it even before the mother starts showing. My nephew did this and it was cute as eve

Should pregnant teens give their baby up for adoption?

i do think they should keep their baby if they are ready for it. If they know it for a fact that they do not want to give their baby up and wants to keep it then teens if you

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I do not know what you would want her to do with it. If she's not pregnant, it's not like she would be able to feed it. It would smell different and therefore be an intruder w

If your 15 and pregnant should you put your baby up for adoption?

This is a huge question and let my answer not influence your personal choice too much.The way i see it is you have 2 paths you can take 1. You can keep your child and things t
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In china instead of throwing a baby out why dont they get someone to adopt it?

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15 and pregnant but my boyfriend doesn't know if he wants our baby...should i look at adoption?

I go pregnant at 14 and had an abortion - it was the biggest mistake of my life! I will regret it for ever as I will never get the chance to know my baby. You need to consider