If a married woman gets pregnant with another man's child does the husband still have to pay child support when he finds out the child isn't his?

No! The baby isn't his, why should he have to pay for it? If the real father decided not to stay, he could be taken to court for support. The law assumes that when a marrie (MORE)

What should I do about my husband getting a girl pregnant?

What you should do is confront the girl he got pregnant. Ask her what happened. Find out how long they have been seeing each other then your husband can't lie to you when you (MORE)

Cheating husband gets girlfriend pregnant?

And because of this, his life will begin. He need to make a decision on how to solve this problem. Some spouse thinks that having an affair is wonderful. How can a man be rest (MORE)

How can you trick your husband into getting pregnant?

That is a bad idea. It can cause problems between you and your husband and possibly cause him to hold resentment toward your child. There must be a reason he does not want to (MORE)

What to do when married man gets mistress pregnant?

you need to tell your wife and take care of that kid B: First of all because of his intention and just thinking about himself, nothing matters to him. Now that something (MORE)

What happens when your husband gets married in Vegas and is still married to you?

If your husband gets married to someone else while he is still married to you the second marriage is invalid and he could be prosecuted. If your husband gets married to someo (MORE)