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If you are prescribed Oxycodone can you take Ambien without side effects?

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First of all, EVERY medication can potentially cause side effect, even a baby aspirin or a vitamin pill. Anyhow, depending on the dosage, the above combination can cause severe CNS depression causing your breathing to slow down enough to kill you. I would not recommend taking full dose of each on first trial.
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How long for Ambien to take effect?

For most people, Ambien's effects begin about 30 minutes or less  after taking it. For that reason, it should be taken no longer than  30 minutes before going to bed because

If you were to take double the amount of prescribed Effexor by mistake what are the possible side effects?

Symptoms may include tiredness, mild convulsions, and cardiac arrest, but this would be with a dosage considerably higher than double your prescribed amount. Also, since the

What are the side effects of Ambien?

Answer   The possible side effects are as follows, Daytime drowsiness, dizziness, lightheadedness, constipation, diarrhea, and dry mouth   ANOTHER AMBIEN ANSWER  

What are side effects for taking ambien and lortab together?

Basically, it's just going to make you a lot more "dopey" to take both at once than it would for you to take them individually. Iif you've noticed that either Ambien or Lort

What are the side effects of oxycodone?

  Answer   Sedation, drowsiness, euphoria, nausea and vomiting, constipation, low blood pressure, itching. Truthfully there are many possible side effects but these

Why is udiliv 300 prescribed and what are the side effects?

Udiliv contains ursodeoxycholic acid. That is indicated for gall  bladder stones and chronic cholestatic liver disease due to gall  bladder problems. On long term use it can

Is it safe to take 5 mg oxycodone with ambien?

i don't know how much my friends usually take.. but they take it for the high so why not try it, they usually take 1 and a half ambien and snort half a oxy so im going to go a

Can you take ambien Cr and oxycodone hcl together?

Absolutely as long as you are not taking it for recreation. Many times for pain, Benzodiazepine's ( Ambien, Valium, Xanax Ativan etc.)are prescribed with the pain medicatio

Can you take oxycodone and Ativan and ambien together?

They all cause drowsiness and target the same parts of the brain. Individually, in large quantities, can cause respiratory depression that can lead to death. Taking all 3 at t

Can you take oxycodone and Ambien and Fentanyl together?

You could but it is very dangerous combination. Fentanyl and oxycodone are both pain killers but "if" prescribed by a physician and closely monitored could be used together fo

Can you take oxycodone with solma effexir and Ambien?

I would make your phramist aware of anything you are taking when getting the scropt filled for Oxycodone. That is one tough drug if you screw it up. a friend of mine is in cr

Can i take ambien and oxycodone?

You should never self medicate. It take a doctor or chemist 3-5  years to learn when to prescribe medicines, how much to prescribe  and what the interaction between medicine