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If you are very much in love with a person other than your spouse how do you get rid of these feelings and remain faithful?

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This is such a hard one to deal with.
Most of us can be quite attracted to another person of the opposite sex when married. If smart, just dream about it (your secret) and remain loyal to your spouse if you still love them. Marriage can get mundane, so instead of looking for others, take that energy and try making your marriage more interesting.
If you take time out (mini holiday) with your spouse and really make an effort then you will regain a one-on-one relationship again. Within time you will forget your attraction to the other individual in your life.
Most of the time the grass on the other side of the fence isn't greener and you could very well trade off something wonderful in your wife for a brief encounter with someone you think you are in love with.
It's easy to love someone else, because you gain the magic "of the chase" and all the frills that go with it, but it doesn't last for long.
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