If you bought a 3 year contract for an iPhone but you lost the phone will you have to pay the full price of a new iPhone?

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If you are located in the United States, then your carrier would be AT&T. Yes, you would have to pay the full unsubsidized price for a replacement iPhone, regardless of it being lost or stolen. You will be eligible for the subsidized price nearing the end of your contract.
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Can you transfer contacts from your current mobile phone to your new iPhone?

They can do it at the AT&T store. But you have to have under like 230/250? contacts. It only takes a minute and it's really easy for them. If your current phone does not support syncing contacts to a computer, you can also (usually) bring the phone to your wireless carrier and have them transfer (MORE)

Why do you have to buy a two year contract to activate your iphone?

Answer \n. \nYou don't.\n . \nYou can sign up for the monthly GoPhone plan and use the iPhone without a contract. Speak to an AT&T customer specialist for more information on how to set this up.\n . \nAlso, 02UK do a contract per anum, very reasonable price!\n . Source: http://www.powergloba (MORE)

How many people have bought the iPhone?

Over a million iPhones were sold just in the first weekend it came out. Over 146,000,000 (One hundred forty-six million) iPhones were sold so far (According to Wikipedia, which took their info from Apple) For more information, visit the Related Link.

Are iPhones phones?

Yes, iPhones are definitely phones. It's in the name. But an iPhone has a lot more functions than a regular phone does. Imagine an iPod Touch with a phone, messaging and picture messaging. There is also a fully functional compass and voice memos. I find the two slightly unnecessary to use on a phone (MORE)

How is the new iPhone?

Yes It's a smartphone. iPhone 4S can let you ask Siri to make calls, send texts, set reminders, and more.

Phones bought from carphone warehouse are unlocked to all networks So if you buy an iPhone on pay as you go will that then be unlocked to orange?

no, due to licensing rules with Apple the iphone is available only on o2. There are rumours that the iphone 3g will be appearing on orange and t mobile at the end of the year. To be fair though, unless orange is the only network you get signal with then move to o2, they have 2 things, 1 called (MORE)

What is the cost of an iPhone without a contract?

well im not a genious..... (obviously) but im thinking around .99cents PLUS TAX your welcome i just calculated the amount of the iphones tech stuff out of my own time. wow... low stuff.... Next Answer: He's not a genius obviously because that is the cost for an iPhone 3GS WITH a contract the cos (MORE)

Is there a contract for an iPhone?

Yes, it is for At&t, this is the only way to use a different service with the iphone, use Blackra1n to jailbreak your iphone, then use bootneuter in cydia to unlock iphone to any service. PS: downgrade firmware to 3.1.2. before running Blackra1n.

Will there be a new iPhone this year?

In my opinion I'd say no. Here's why. Despite all the speculation an obviously photoshopped pictures there is no credible evidence that there will be. In 2008 apple announced the 2.0 software at the same time as the announcement of the iPhone 3G, this created quite a demand which increased stock pri (MORE)

When getting a new phone through Verizon wireless due to a broken one but not at the time of upgrade do you have to pay the full contract price or is there a discount?

You can call customer service and if you have been a good customer in terms of good payment history, etc., they may give you one year contract pricing. Also, if you deal with an indirect agent and have established yourself as a good customer with them, they may take some off the retail price, and a (MORE)

Do you need a contract for an iphone?

No not really,because it's not a big thing like other phones with contracts.It's not as expensive as the phones with contracts because they have wi-fi and i also think that an iphone has wi-fi.

What is the new iPhone?

The latest iPhone is the 4s. That's in 2011, it was launched on the 14th October and its best features are 2 times faster internet then the iPhone 4, an 8 mega pixel camera, and Siri which allows you to talk to the device and make it do what you want it to do!

Is the iPhone or iPhone 3g a better phone?

Exactly the same how ever the iphone 3g has a little bit wider screen and faster data speeds due to the fact that it supports 3g whereas the original iphone only supports edge or 2g

What is new in iPhone?

one of the main things in the new iPhone is it has a flash camera with auto touch focus. you touch the part of the picture you want your camera to focus on. The iPhone 4 is also 24% than the iPhone 3gs/3g. but there is an update for the older iphones for the new features. The display on the new (MORE)

Can an iphone bought from US work in new zealand?

Yes. As long as it is not locked to AT&T. iPhone 3G or 3G S: The iPhone will work on 2G on any network. There is nationwide 3G on Telecom's XT Network, and 3G in metro areas on Vodafone's network. iPhone 4: The iPhone 4will work on 3G on any of New Zealand's networks.

Does iPhone 3gs have a contract?

well it depends whether you want it to or not. if your carrier... well, carries the iphone than usually you can buy the phone with a fixed three year contract, which will cost a ton to terminate early. (this is ideal if you are planning on staying with whatever carrier you're with IE. rogers, Fido, (MORE)

Where can you get an iPhone 3?

well since its a phone i would go to BestBuy, FutureShop, the Bell Store, Rogers Store and The Source...hope it helped

Why is iPhone 3 call iPhone 3?

It is because it is the third version of the original device.iPhone is the first, iPhone 2 is the second, iPhone 4 is thefourth, and so on.

What is a iPhone price?

In America iPhone 3GS (8gb) - FREE (with contract for AT&T) iPhone 4 (8gb) - $99 iPhone 4S (16gb) - $199 iPhone 4S (32gb) - $299 iPhone 4S (64gb) - $399 Unlocked iPhone 4S (16gb) - $649 Unlocked iPhone 4S (32gb) - $749 Unlocked iPhone 4S (64gb) - $849

Can you get a iPhone 4S without a contract?

No you may not get an iphone 4s without a contract in some countries. However you can get them without a contract in others. However, the cost of the handset becomes really expensive for up front costs on PAYG.

Why do you have to buy a two year contract to activate your iPhone 4s?

You don't have to have a 2 year contract. You can use an iPhone 4s as a pay as you go phone. However, if you want to get a discounted price on the iPhone, you'll probably need to sign a contract for a couple of years. Otherwise you'll have to pay full price (about $500, I think) for the phone. The (MORE)

Where can an iPhone 4S be bought?

The iPhone 4S is currently available through AT&T, Verizon Wireless and Sprint for use with their networks. It can also be found at Wal-Mart and a host of online and physical electronics retailers.

What is the price of a brand new Iphone 5?

The price of an Iphone 5 depends heavily on the mobile contract you get with it and its storage capacity. For example, you can get an Iphone 5 with a wireless plan 16GB of storage for $199, while one with 64 GB and no wireless plan costs $899.

Where can iPhone accessories be bought?

iPhone accessories can be purchased from the following stores: eBay, Apple, Amazon, Carphone Warehouse, Best Buy, Walmart, Target, Wilkinson, Asda, Tesco, Deals Extreme, Brooke Stone, Zagg, to name a few.

What is the difference between a contract iPhone and a no contract iPhone?

A non-contract iPhone (in the US at least) costs typcally $450 morethan it's contract counterpart. The benfit is that with out acontract, you are not obliged to hold onto that same phone for 2years (mostly), and if you want to upgrade before your contracatexpires, you have to pay an annoying fee to (MORE)