How do you dewinterize a house that was bought foreclosed?

I just took over a foreclosed home and i spent all morning calling plumbers to come out and unwinterize the house. they told me i can do it myself. Here's how. get 2 or 3 peop (MORE)

Legal advice on the house that you bought?

A real estate attorney can provide legal advice on issues involving a home purchase. Every state has a bar association which lists the member attorneys, usually by type of pra (MORE)
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If you bought a lease house is the house your or the councils?

It really depends on the terms of the contract - READ IT! Some contracts stipulate that the land belongs to the council while the buildings belong to the lessee. Others have a (MORE)
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Where can wireless house alarms be bought from?

Wireless house alarms can be purchased at most large department stores. The recommended option would be to purchase the entire system with installation from a reputable secur (MORE)
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Where can a Whole House filter be bought?

A home improvement store would carry whole house filters. Lowes, Home Depot or Menards are three that come to mind. Also check with a heating and cooling company to see what t (MORE)
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Where can Maxwell House coffee be bought?

Maxwell House coffee can be bought at most grocery stores throughout the United States. The company offers several varieties of coffee, including decaffeinated, and comes in v (MORE)