If you collect Illinois teacher retirement can you collect social security?

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If you have 40 or more quarters that you have paid into Social Security--you are eligible for Medicare AND can collect a PORTION of your SS. There is an offset because of your teacher pension.
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Can a teacher collect Social Security from a spouse?

Call 1-800-772-1213 or visit Social Security Online for answers. You should contact SSA for specific answer. Of course a teacher can collect social security from a spouse.

Can you collect social security from PA paid while teaching there and Ohio teacher retirement money from teaching there?

Yes, you can. As you said, teachers in Ohio do NOT pay social security. Teachers in Pennsylvania DO pay social security. HOWEVER (and there is a big however), when you start t

Can a teacher collect a pension and Social Security at the same time?

Social Security can be collected by anyone who qualifies for it, whether unemployed, retired, or even if still working. Some states offset unemployment by SS's benefits, but t

What is the current age to collect Social Security retirement?

You can file as early as age 62, but your benefits will be reduced to about 75% of the amount you would receive if you file at full retirement age. Full retirement age is 6

Are Texas teachers who receive state retirement able to collect on husband's Social Security disability when they reach age 62?

no....because most teachers pay only into TRS (Teacher Retirement System) and not into SS, they will receive their TRS only...the government stopped a loop hole back in 2004 f