If you do not have a service valve on your hot water supply to the hot tap how do you turn off the supply to change a washer?

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Not much choice other than to shut off the water to the entire house at the meter or at a secondary valve that may be installed where the water main enters the house.
Yes, that is the only way, other than freezing the pipe using a special tool some plumbers carry, where if no valves are found or if all the valves are faulty the plumber will resort to freezing the pipes, this is a very complicated process and must be carried out by a qualified plumber, because you only have a certain amount of time before the pipes become unfrozen (climate depending) and if you are not finished by then, you'll be in big trouble.
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Why does the hot water tap spluter when it is turned on?

Answer . It sounds like air is in the water heater. It happens when your city water is shut down for repair sometimes and you get air in your pipes when the water flow is

How do you find hot water supply?

Thermal imaging is the easiest way. Also, an electronic trace can be put on the line and it can be followed under the concrete. Leaks in the line can be found other ways.

Hot water tap wont turn off?

If it is a multiple turn faucet, you need a new washer in it. If it is a quarter turn one, it needs a new seat and spring. When a faucet fails to close 1- Check the was

How do you turn off the water supply?

There should be a shutoff at the wall where the water line enters the house. There may be one before the water heater or there will be one at the water meter.

Where should a service valve be located in order to isolate the hot supply from the hot water supply to the taps?

An isolation valve on the hot side of the domestic water system should only be installed IF there is an expansion tank on the hot water system. This is because if both the inl

How do you turn off hot water supply from rheem cylinder?

First find the water inlet pipe, normally the one closest to the ground. Before it enters the water heater there should be a valve with a round head or cross head, turn that c

When you turn the cold water supply to the water heater off why does water still come your of the hot water lines?

The valve may not be shutting completely or it may just be the water in the lines coming out. Depending on which faucet you turn on and where it is located in the house, it ma