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If you filed Chapter 7 in April of the current year do you have to claim anything on your income taxes this year?

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Absolutely. depending on the filing and your income, deductions etc. It can become complicated. The safest route is to have your return(s) done by a professional tax preparer.
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If the finance company has repossessed your car and you have filed and been discharged in chapter 7 bankruptcy in Kentucky who owes the property tax for the current year on the car?

You do. You were in possession of the car. The car was registered to you. Until the car is sold, you are legally and financially responsible for it.

What does a person have to do if anything to file for American federal and state income taxes if there has been no income and the person has been unemployed for more than a year?

Answer . Unless you owe money you don't have to file taxes.. Ans . Have to do and should do are 2 different things! General concept: When it's good for the government a

What can you use your income tax refund on if your filing chapter 7?

Until you file, your money is yours to use. Financial counseling would be an excellent choice.. However, you have debt obligations you promised to pay...that would be a good

Can you claim a chapter 13 bankruptcy in the same year as you filed for chapter 7 that has recently been discharged?

Under the bankruptcy laws effective on October 17, 2005, Chapter 7 cannot be filed unless the debtor was discharged from the previous Chapter 7 or bankruptcy more than eight y

When can you file your income tax for the 2008 year?

If you are filing a paper return, you may file as soon as you have all of the necessary information and forms.. If you plan to file electronically, the IRS has not yet publis

I haven't filed income taxes in over 7 years. What is the penalty for that?

First it all depends on how much you may have owed. And, realistically, how well the current situation can be resolved.. Now the funny thing is, to many of us in the tax prof

What amendment states that the deadline to file your federal income tax return for the previous year is April 15?

That like most things, would be found in the US Laws, not an amendment to the Constitution. The laws of the land, which like any, are found within a general area of similar la

Do you have to file income tax each year?

Yes, Each year has a different form, different tax rates, and different laws. You must file each year on its own form. You cannot wait and combine two years together.

Can a sixteen year old claimed their own income taxes?

Yes. If a qualifying child dependent of another taxpayer the child will have to check the box on the 1040 income tax return that they are using indicating that they are being

Can a 17 year old file income taxes and claim his sister and disabled mother?

Generally no, unless the 17 year old is earning a great deal of income (i.e. actor). Usually a minor is not making enough money to support a sibling and/or parent. The parent