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If you give a child up for adoption at the age of 17 can you ever receive visitation when the adoptive parents are your dad and stepmother?

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You made them mad at you. huh? Or your child doesn't want to see you. You should have visitation.
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Can natural parent visit out-adopted child after child reaches the age of majority?

Well if it was a closed adoption no they cannot. The adoptive parents may have not told the child they were adopted and you can ruin the relationship they have. If i were to h

Why do most parents give up there child for adoption?

There are many reasons parents give their kids up sadly enough. One if the main reasons being that they can't afford to care for them or it was an unwanted pregnancy and they

Can a parent force an underage child to give up baby for adoption?

If a child is underage, there are ways a parent/guardian can force their child to arrange an adoption. However, it is always better to compromise and negotiate with children,

How do you give up your parental right to a adopted child?

I read your question as asking how to give up parental rights to an adopted child and not how to adopt a child. You haven't added enough detail about your situation for anyt

Do you have to get the consent of both parents to give a unborn child up for adoption?

Yes Sometimes implied consent is sufficient: if, for example, the birth father does not support the birth mother emotionally and financially through her pregnancy, and does

Where can you see if your child was adopted by a stepmother?

You would be notified if there is any court proceeding involving the adoption of your biological child unless your parental rights have already been terminated. In that case y