Could you be pregnant if you had unprotected sex 2 weeks ago started your period a week later but it only lasted 2 days and was very light when usually it lasts 7 and is heavy?

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Im unsure when to do a pregnancy test ive had unprotected sex a week before period which started on the 18 an only lasted 3 days and had unprotected sex up to a week after?

\nIf you had a period, even if slightly shorter than normal, the chances of you being pregnant are very, very small. If you only had slight spotting or bleeding (and this is u (MORE)

I had my period a week ago then about 7 days after I had unprotected sex and right after I started spotting what could this mean.?

Im 16 and i had my period a week ago. About 7 days after my period i had unprotected sex and then i went to the bathroom and noticed i started spotting. I've been spotting for (MORE)

Ok started birth control three weeks ago had spotting since it started had unprotected sex missed 3 pills last week period not due for another week and a have spotting is still light could I be?

Since it takes your body 2 cycles (2 months) to get regulated by your birth control, 3 weeks is not enough time to know the spotting is caused by missing your pill. The only (MORE)