If you have a Short stomach would that make you show faster?

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No, the uterus is in the pelvis so that is where you show from, not the abdomen. Later in pregnancy it may protrude more but it doesn't make a difference early on.
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When does your stomach start to show in pregnancy?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nIt's different for everyone. For me it was in mt fourth month I started to show.\n. \n. \nMost women can tell themselves by about 14-15 weeks but it may be another few weeks before other people notice, particularly if you have very good muscle tone, or have a fat la (MORE)

What would make a drug test for cocain show positive?

If the test is done properly a false positive is unlikely, butthere are some things which can cause a cocaine test to yield afalse positive result. Some of the things which can have an effecton the results are amoxicillin, diabetes, and kidney disease. It isalso possible that they test wasn't perfor (MORE)

How do you make it faster?

There are many ways of making a car faster, most of them are either expensive or labor intensive though. Some of these increase power, or you can do something to the transmission, lower the car, change it's shape, or remove weight.

Does short hair grow faster?

No, short hair does not grow faster than longer hair. It may appear that it does as the difference in length can be more noticeable. In addition to this, people who have long hair are more likely to have split ends which leads to broken hairs, hindering hair growth. This is also more frequent with p (MORE)

Why would meat make you sick on your stomach?

There might be some sort of enzyme you're missing. It might be a good idea to figure out what is causing these symptoms since it might be indicative of something else. Most of the time, its something simple, easily remedied and more beneficial to treat the underlying cause. It could be indicative o (MORE)

Does water go through your body faster on an empty stomach?

Not really. Warm water goes through your body faster than cold water because it hydrates you faster because your body doesnt need to take the time to warm it up. But water on an empty stomach will only make your stomach hurt. So drinking warm water on a not full, but not empty either stomach will go (MORE)

I would like to make a short prayer for my family tonight at our dinner can you please help me?

The best prayers are given from the heart. First address God by saying something like, : "Our Father which is in heaven". Then thank him for the blessings in your life, even itemizing some that apply to all who are there, including the food and those who prepared it. Next, ask God to bless the food, (MORE)

When healing from tonsillitis would you have major throat drainage that would make you sick at your stomach?

I'm assuming you meant "sick to your stomach". If you really meant make your stomach sick, then please ignore this. The short answer is yes. I've had more than a few cases of bacterial tonsillitis (as I do at the moment...yay!). Once you get on antibiotics, the infection starts to die, the tonsil (MORE)

If you cut your hair short and don't like it how do you make it grow faster?

you can use plasmium gel it grew my hair 6 inches in just 4 months my hair was originaly 3 inches long. buy plasmium gel, let it sit on your scalp for about 7 minutes take it off and condition your hair with a shampoo called jojoba and also use the jojoba conditioner too. you can purchase this onlin (MORE)

Are longer boards faster that a short board?

Depending on the wave it would have noticeable differences from a short board in terms of "speed". Physics kind of through this one out. More mass plus weight and a larger center of gravity is going to gain more speed at a slower rate, but it's terminal velocity could potentially be higher. For as a (MORE)

What would make food decay happen faster?

Certain factors do help food decay faster. Generally, it is natural environments. When food is packed tightly in landfills, it does not decay at a regular pace. When exposed to air, bacteria, sunlight, and water, however, the food particles will begin to break down faster. Also, animals or insects w (MORE)

What would make a toy car go down a ramp faster?

-- Steeper ramp. -- Lower friction in the wheel and axle bearings of the car. -- Better aerodynamic streamlining of the shape of the car. -- Make the car of iron and conceal a large magnet at the bottom of the ramp.

How would magnets make a plant grow taller and faster?

Magnets exert magnetic fields, as do electrical currents through wire. These magnetic fields have no impact on water transport through plant tissues, or on any of the minerals plants take up from the soil. Nor would magnets improve the process of photosynthesis. Theoretically, magnets should not hav (MORE)

What would make a dogs stomach make her look pregnant when she's not?

I am not an expert but I suppose a lot of things could cause that. I know that dogs cannot control how much they eat sometimes and it could lead to that condition. Calling a vetrinary professional sure would be a good thing. However if you would like your question answered in more detail then it wou (MORE)

What would make a plant grow faster koolade or pespi?

Either one might help or hinder plant growth. Why don't you plant two identical plants and water one with Kool-Aid and the other with Pepsi, and record the results for several months. I doubt that either liquid would kill a plant, but you can find out!

Could you show me a stomach?

Yes I can :-) Have a look at related link down below. On the pregnancy and stomack growing link, you will need to register, but this is free.

Where would a short be?

Usually one will blow a fuse. See if one's gone out or if anything not working to narrow down the circuit.

How would traveling faster than light make you travel to the future?

Since science don't know how it would be possible to travel faster than light, science can't tell what would happen if you'd get there either. But there is something called time dilation , which kicks in when you're travelling fast. Basically, the faster you go, the faster time would appear pass b (MORE)

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Usually short hair is more suitable for running because it is very light and is off of your neck so you won't be as hot. But long hair is not that much heavier but can be on your neck. It is your choice, but if you only care about running faster, go with short hair.

What is faster long or short wave lengths?

If they're moving through the same substance, all wavelengths have the same speed. If that wasn't true, then . . . -- At a concert, you couldn't hear the girl singer's voice at the same time as the saxes and trombones in the band. -- As the flag went by you in a parade, it would get a (MORE)

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Kinda-sorta, but not really. When you're riding downhill, more weight will make you faster. But if you have to pedal the bike up as well, you'll probably lose more on the climb than what you'll gain on the downhill. On the flat, weight doesn't matter that much either way. A heavier bike will take mo (MORE)

Would a smaller or larger exhaust make your car go faster?

Exhaust needs to size for your engine/hp,factory exhaust is smaller than idea and is designed for being quieter and for cost. Too bid you lose performance/ground clearance. Exhaust needs some back pressure for low end torque, plus large dual exhaust adds weight to the vehicle hurting performance. A (MORE)

What accomodations would you have to make if your stomach is surgically removed?

There are a several accommodations that would have to be made if the stomach was completely removed due to surgery. One accommodation would be eating and taking in liquids through an IV or a tube. Another accommodation would be a major change in diet such as soups, broths, and vitamins. There is, h (MORE)

Would you wear a short t shirt that shows your underboob cleavage?

In any situation that I want to amp up my sex appeal I do this.When I go to parties, I do this with a tight white tank top cut toright under the nipple so that if I raise my hands the boys get apeek at my girls' best assests. This is also a really sexy fashionto wear while performing lap dances sinc (MORE)

How would you redesign your paper airplane to make it fly faster?

You can get a plane to fly faster (for a given force applied) bydecreasing drag, e.g. reducing the width of the fuselage or wings(the latter also reduces lift). If you add weight to a paper plane, especially at the nose, you canget it to fly faster for a given acceleration (i.e. the throwingmotion) (MORE)