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If you have a gut feeling that your wife is cheating on you with a coworker is that sufficient evidence of cheating?

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No! Put yourself in her place. What if a boss asked you and a female coworker to work late and of course you had to comply. Simply because she is female and you have to work late does that mean your wife should be sure you are cheating?
On the other hand, if she is working too many hours of over-time, never bothers to call and keep in touch with you, is late for dinner, breaks dates and misses important family events then you need to sit down and have a good talk with her. I stress communication in my posts. Without communication there is only imagination and jealousy lurking in our brains. You could be worried over nothing, yet if you really feel this is going on you need to find out now.
Don't attack your wife and put her on the defensive. Simply sit down and ask her why she is out so much. If you don't like the answer then you are just going to have to lay your feelings out for her and go from there.  
Check it out, hire a private investigator. It feels sleezy, but it's better to know. I had some evidence for 8 months and sat on it. If your gut says somethings wrong, it probably is. I'm sorry, but I just recently learned to trust my gut instincts.  
well my husband had a gut feeling and he was right. i was cheating with a coworker and the things to look out for is what i did, saying that i was just going out with my friends, buying new things for myself and getting dolled up, i was sleeping in another room, i was very distant from my husband and children. I fell in love with this coworker and he dumped me and now i a mess. it was my first time ever cheating on my husband and i wish it never had happend and now i can not take it back. It really sucks!  
I am going through it now,my gut is telling me she is cheating on me.She is getting dolled up all the sudden,lies to me to protect me she says,and stays home sometimes at night now.Her mother even tells me she is not that kinda girl to ever cheat and she doesn't need sex. BUT MY GUT SAYS DIFFERENT, and i learned twice now to trust my gut not the girl!
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  Why are you worried she will be upset if you looked, tell her you saw it, she is the one that has all the explaining to do.Its her fault for cheating, don't feel guilty