If you have an injury that was caused by a repetitive motion from your job but you don't have medical insurance can you have the medical bills paid through workmans compensation if you live in NJ?

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There isn't any reason why you can't. You must see your doctor, have him check you out so he can back you up in your WCB claim. Good luck Marcy

Answer Repetitive stress injury (RSI) is known by a lot of names, Repetitive motion injuries, cumulative trauma disorder and regional musculoskeletal disorder to name a few.

Repetitive stress injuries are injuries resulting from too much stress being placed on a specific body part due to its frequent and extensive use. The stress leads to inflammation (leading to pain and swelling), muscles strain or tissue damage.
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Does an employer without workers comp have a liability to pay medical bills for on the job injury?

This question bothers me. A business that does not have the leagaly required Workmans Compcoverage would be Liable to pay for the equivilant costs plusLeagal costs. But any bu