If you have an unrestriced license and you are 17 do you need to be on your parents' insurance in order to drive their car?

Answer . \nYes because anything couuld happen. Answer . \nAssuming you are living in the same household as your parents the answer is yes. Insurance companies must cha (MORE)

Do you need parents permisson to drop out of a military school at 17?

If you're in the US (I'm just guessing that you are), yes, you need their permission unless you are over 18, or you are legally emancipated. If you want to be emancipated, you (MORE)

Are the parents liable if a 17 year old gets in a car accident with no insurance or license?

Parental Liability In the United States Yes. Generally, the parent(s) or other legal guardian(s) is "financially liable" for the acts of their minor wards. It does not matte (MORE)