What causes a loud swishing noise in my pipes when the water is running It sounds like the water when running a dishwasher. I have lived in this home for 5 years but just recently began hearing it.?

If this is in the drain lines, then there is a small amount ofbuild up, which will happen over time. Watch to insure that thewater is draining and not starting to go slower in (MORE)

What did dishwashers do?

People who were called "dishwashers" washed the dirty dishes in restaurants, schools and other institutions in the days before machines for washing dishes were widely availabl (MORE)

How loud is a dishwasher?

That varies by model, and by mechanical condition. Mine is pretty quiet; I can hardly hear it running. (Of course, I worked around jet engines for 20 years, and there's a LOT (MORE)

How do you unclog dishwasher pipes?

If it's the drain pipe, tilt your machine over and remove it from the pump, clean it out by holding it tight to an outside faucet. -You now need to check the strainer/filter i (MORE)