If you have pics taken on a cannon camera on a SD card and want to use your samsung camera to load through onto your PC why can you not get a preview of the pics?

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The photos are stored in a propriatary format to the camera. Only the camera can modulate and demodulate the file to and from a computer.
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Can you load a sd card with pictures with out a camera?

yes, i just cant do it lol, my husband says plug it into the comp. which ive done, it has a lil spot to put it in, no camera needed, however ive done what he said which was go to start,computer, and click or drive f or I, or one of the options lol, but it doesnt work for me, in the past ive had to just find my camera plug it in to the comp and do it that way, sorry if i wasnt more help, im still attempting it so if i figure out the secret ill post ya lol

Can you use same SD memory card between two cameras?

If both cameras call for SD memory, then you can. But if the cameras are not the same model or brand, there is no guarantee that you will be able to see or keep what was on the card when it was in the other camera. The other camera may even tell you to format the card again. So before moving the card to another camera or gadget for the first time, it would be wise to move or copy any important photos from the card to your PC or storage device.. Srobidoux

How do you put pics from your PC onto a Sony ericsson w910i?

when you get your sony ericsson w910i you should get a usb cable with it then on your computer you can either download the sony ericsson PC suite from the internet or just put the CD that you get with the w910i into the compter/laptop and then it should start up... hope this helps. stigy

How to you load pictures from an SD card onto the computer?

When you plug the SD card into your computer, then there is achance that the computer will pop up a window asking you what todo. Assuming that does not occur, then you should follow these stepto get the pictures from the memory card to the computer: . For Windows: 1) Go to "My Computer" 2) Look at the list of diskdrives. One of them should be your SD card. 3) Double-click on theSD card drive and navigate to the folder with the pictures. 4)Select the pictures that you want to copy. 5) Copy them using thekeyboard shortcut (ctrl-c or use the menu. 6) Open the folder youwant them in on the computer. 7) Paste them in that folder (ctrl-vor use the menu). . For a Mac: 1) Open the Finder 2) Locate the SD card on the left (itwill look like a disk) 3) Navigate to the folder with the pictures.4) Select the ones you want. 5) Copy the pictures (use the keyboardshortcut or the menu) 6) Find a folder on the hard drive to put thepictures. 7) Paste them there.

Can take pics with your camera without a memory card?

Some cameras have a built in memory storage that will allow you to take 6-12 picutes of low quality. However, normally you do require a memory card for a digital camera to take higher quality and larger numbers of pictures.

How can you use SD cards on your PC?

You can either buy a printer, scanner or other external device that has an SD slot in it, buy an SD interface card that occupies a bay in the computer enclosure or you can buy an SD adapter that plugs directly into a USB port.

How do you download pic on sd card to computer?

Transferring files from a SD card to a computer is relativelysimple. Modern computers now have preinstalled programs which readthe memory cards and a port to insert the memory cards. Simplyslide the card right-side up into the port and the computer willlet you view the files. There the files can be moved, copied, ordeleted.

Can you put a sd card from a camera in your dsi?

Yes, the DSi uses the same SD cards as cameras. However, you can't use the pictures you took with your camera on the DSi, because there is certain information it saves with the pictures that cameras don't. You can use pictures you've taken with the DSi on cameras and computers, though.

How to load photos from digital camera into a PC?

Take the disk that came with the camera load it in you computer and follow the instructions.. Is is too broad a question to ask what kind of camera you have ???. Search You Tube or Google and make sure to include model number.. Or use the USB cable that came with the camera to link the camera to the computer. Make sure you have plenty of battery power in your camera before trying to download. If you have been shooting JPEGs, you should be able to download without trouble - just copy the pics from your camera, which will show up a another drive, to your desired storage area.

How do you use the camera in the Samsung S8300?

If you want to use the front camera, press on the keypad, *#0*#, alist similar to the menu screen should come up. the title of it, isLCD Test. The front camera, is VGA Cam, no. 8, and the back camera,is Mega Cam, no. 7. there is also a Cam LED, no. *. DON'T click that, as it makes a really loud sound.It's the same as Melody RCV, no. 4, except it's louder and itvibrates.

How do you get pics off your phone and onto a sd card?

If your phone has an SD slot, then you can move/copy the files on your mobile phone. If you can plug the SD card and your mobile into a computer, then connect both and transfer (if you can't copy directly then copy to your computer first)

Is it a must to format new SD card for camera before using?

The five cameras that I have had that used SD cards did not need a formatting of the card before using it in the cameras. . One of these cars will not be recognized in a couple of USB card holders that I have tried and it will not be recognized by the built in SD card reader in my stationary computer but I can read the card through the camera's USB connection so I'm not worrying about it.

With is better for a camera a sd or sdhc cards?

SDHC has a greater storage capacity (over 2GB), hence it's name, 'High Capacity'. SDHC is better, but it is more expensive. Also, check that your camera supports SDHC (almost all of them do, but older ones don't.)

Can you download pictures to a tv screen from a disposal digital camera -- I have an event where I want users to take pics and then hand over camera so we can project pics to flat panel TVs at event?

It would depend on the camera and the TV. Some TVs now have usb ports in the side and also spots for memory cards. If you are looking for a TV for the event, try looking for anything advertising USB ports (they are often beside a DVD player!) or even finding a DVD player (eg DGTEC at Dick Smith for $59 on 8/7/10) with card reader and USB on the front too. I can't answer how you get the photos off a disposable digital camera though, because I have only seen film disposables... but if your guests will part with their cards for a minute to a geek with a card reader and computer in the corner, you could have all their photos stored on a hard drive/ memory stick and on the TVs in no time with a WDTV too!

Can you export pics from your computer to the disc in your digital camera?

Yes, although I don't know why you would want to do that. Assuming you have the correct image editing software that is compatible with your computer and your camera, once your camera is connected to your computer via a usb or firewire cable, your computer recognizes your camera as an external drive and you can transfer image files as you wish. The limitation will be on the storage capacity of your memory card/disc in the camera as well as on your computer. Note however, if different images files have the file name, you will be prompted to overwrite one with the other, which may result in the loss of one of the images. You should not erase or delete a file residing on your camera's memory card from the delete file commands on your computer. This may create directory havoc with the files on the memory card in the camera and render it unreadable with subsequent file loss. A better solution is to invest in an external hard drive or several usb mini flash drives and transfer images to those if you are running out of space on your computer. Once you've transferred the image files from your camera's memory card to your computer or non- camera auxiliary drive and disconnected the camera from your computer, you should use the camera's command to initialize or re-format the memory card which will erase all the images and free up all the memory for more picture taking.

How do you download a pic from the camera to your computer?

If you mean put the picture onto a folder on the computer then connect your camera to your PC with the connecting lead which you usually get with cameras then, go on its files and copy and paste the picture into the folder. That way you keep it on your camera and have a copy on your computer!

Is it easy to transfer your camera pics to the computer?

Yes, usually through a USB port. You should check the operating manual of your camera. If you don't have it, try searching the manufacturers web site. When you connect it to the computer most of time your comp will search for software automatically and then you follow the directions given.

How do you get the sd card out of a Coolpix camera?

For every Coolpix camera I have used, you first remove the battery, then push slightly down on the top of the SD card, which will release the catch and cause the card to rise up enough so you can get hold and pull it out. More than that, I can't say without you specifying the exact camera model.

How to use the front camera on the Samsung admire from metro pcs?

The Samsung Admire does not have a front-facing camera. There are two little "lense" looking things to the left of the ear piece, but those are external light sensors for when you use the auto screen brightness feature. When that feature is enabled your phone will use those light sensors to dim the display and conserve battery life when the external ambient lighting conditions are darker. When you're in a bright room or outside the phone will increase brightness for better visibility. Hope this helps.

Are there SD cards just for cameras?

An SD card is an SD card pretty much, a card containing flash memory. Therefore it doesn't really make sense to say one is 'just' for a camera, since it could be used in other devices too if it will fit. The only thing to look out for is higher capacity cards might only work in newer devices due to different technology involved.

What retailers offer camera SD cards?

Most local shops that sell cameras and their accessories are likely to offer camera SD cards. Amazon and eBay are also stores that offer these cards online.