If you have sole custody in Washington State do you need permission to take the child out of state?

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Either way, the other parent can file an injunction to stop it pending a hearing, so permission should be sought.
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If a parent has joint legal custody is it legal for the other parent to take the child out of state without permission?

Generally joint custody means both parents have equal rights to decisions concerning the child. However, the actual terms would be in the custody agreement. Therefore, it may be allowable for a parent to take certain actions w/o the consent of the other parent. You might wish to read over the terms (MORE)

When can a child choose custody in Washington State?

Answer . \nMinors are not allowed to make that decision, if the parents cannot reach an agreement concerning custody the issue will be decided by a judge. Judges make such decisions based solely on what is in the best interest of the child and not what the child, the parents, nor any interested p (MORE)

What is the point of sole-physical custody if you still need permission to leave the state in NY?

Answer . \nI have sole-physical custody of my 11 year old, I don't think it matters where you live you will always need permission to leave any state because they want to make sure you are not going to kidnap your child and keep him/her away from the other parent. I live in Canada and for my chi (MORE)

Can the parent without primary physical residency take the child out of state on vacation without the custodial parents permission?

Answer . This depends upon the law in your state. In my state it is allowed unless the divorce decree prohibits it (rare). Otherwise, a noncustodial parent would be stuck vacationing in the same state for many years. I would notify the other parent in writing as early as possible prior to the vac (MORE)

How can you get custody of your child who is in custody of the state of Washington?

You must petition the court that has jurisdiction and present argument and evidence to demonstrate to the court that your gaining custody of the child is in the child's best interest. In the state of Washington, if the parents are unmarried the 'tender age' doctrine suggests that the mother will us (MORE)

Can a parent who has sole custody move out of state with the child?

That depends on whether the other parent has visitation rights. Ifso, you cannot remove the child without court approval. Although the practices may vary from state to state. Generally, ifthere is a divorce or custody order that court hasjurisdiction over the child and the parent cannot remove th (MORE)

Do you need the father's permission to take child out of state?

My ex has taken my child out of state without my knowledge. I'm not sure if he needed my permission or not, although it would've been nice if he had been considerate enough to ask or even to let me know. I know if one of the parents are moving to another state, it will turn into a legal issue if one (MORE)

What are the laws with Child custody in the State of Washington?

Assuming none of the following factors exist, the court will allocate decision-making authority (legal custody) to one or both parties regarding the children's education, health care, and religious upbringing based on the parenting plan proposed by the parents. Regardless of the allocation of decisi (MORE)

Can a custodial parent take their child out of state without permission or notice to non custodial parent even if their paying child support?

This depends on what is in your custody agreement. Usually, the custodial parent may do anything he/she pleases and simply transfer and payments the non-custodial parent is making to their current residence if moving out of state. However, if it is decreed in the court records that you should not ta (MORE)

At what age can a child make custody decision in the State of Washington?

Only Indiana and Texas has laws setting out a specific age at which a child can make a choice the court is required to abide by, and even than there are some limitations. With those states, it is age 14. In all other states, the general rule of thumb is that a 12 year old can express and opinion (MORE)

What can be done if a parent who does not have sole custody takes a child out of the country without permission?

Contact a lawyer to find out your options. Technically this shouldn't have happened in the first place, since the law requires BOTH parents sign before a child can be issued a passport. The good news is that it should be pretty easy to get a court to modify the custody agreement if this happens. (MORE)

What do you need to do if you have sole custody and want to move out of state?

If you have sole legal and physical custody then you inform the other parent that you are moving and make whatever arrangements are necessary. If custody is still an issue and the other parent does not agree with the move, you may need to petition the court in a custody hearing. Added: The que (MORE)

Does the custodial parent need to give non-custodial parent a letter of permission when non-custodial parent is taking child out of state for a extended period of time?

IT is a good idea assuming the custodial parent has sole custody or sole legal custody of the child. Otherwise, most states will administer medical care to a child with either parent present and will administer life saving measures without anyone present though they would be unable to continue tre (MORE)

Does an unwed mother have sole custody in Washington state?

In the U.S. unwed mothers have sole legal and physical custody of a child until paternity is established, unless/until the court rules otherwise. Before a father can file suit for visitation or custodial rights he must submit documentation to the court proving he is the biological father of the chi (MORE)

Can a parent who has sole custody move out of GA state with the child?

Sole physical and sole legal custody? If the custody order doesn't state otherwise, most likely but that is a question best posed to an attorney or the courts before you move if you aren't sure. If you have sole physical custody but joint legal custody or the other parent has otherwise retained thei (MORE)

Can the custodial parent take a child out of state without the other parents permission?

They can for a vacation. They cannot move permanently without authority from the court. The other parent still has parental rights and visitation rights. The court has jurisdiction. The custodial parent needs the non-custodial's parent's consent to move the child out of state as well as a court appr (MORE)

Can an unmarried mother with full custody take her child out of state without the father's permission?

Child custody laws are different in every state, so it depends on that as well. You could just type in "child custody laws in _ state_ " and you should have no problem finding it. You would have to review your custody agreement or order if there is one. If the father has visitation rights you can (MORE)

Do you need the father's permission to take a child out state if he has not established his paternity?

If the parents are unmarried and the father has not established his paternity legally- no. However, if the move will be permanent the father can request an emergency injunction to stop the move if he objects to it. That will give him time to establish his paternity, establish parental rights and req (MORE)

If you have sole custody do you need permission to take the child out of state in MD?

Generally: For a vacation or short term, no. If the other parent has visitation rights you cannot move permanently without their consent and the consent of the court via a modification of the visitation order. You need to check the rules in your jurisdiction. Generally: For a vacation or short term (MORE)