If you have well water how do you get the free chlorine level down and get the rust color out of your swimming pool?

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Add cyanuric acid to the correct level of 50ppm. Check with a pool store locally for a rust removing chemical.  
To get rid of the iron use a chemical called "susupend" it works great!
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How do you get the free chlorine level down in your saltwater pool?

LOWERING FREE CHLORINE LEVEL . To give you an accurate answer, it's important to know how many gallons are in the pool, how high is your Free Available Chlorine (FAC), and

Will it hurt you if you swim in a pool with a low free chlorine level?

It could very well be damaging to your health. To add a reason because that alone is not ever so helpful... :-) Damaging because too little chlorine could well allow harmfu

How can you bring down the chlorine level in your swimming pool?

The half life of chlorine is one hour. If it is 30ppm at 10am. It will be 15ppm at 11am. Then 7.5ppm at 12pm. But at 1pm it will level off at the ppm that is adequetly protect

How do you get chlorine out of swimming pool water?

The chlorine level will drop naturally over a few days, the sun will use it up and the levels will drop. If the weather is cloudy it's slower to come down. There's no easy way

Can you swim in pool hat has a normal chlorine level but the free chlorine level is high?

There is 3 measurements of chlorine in a pool or spa. Total chlorine, combined chlorine, and free available chlorine. Free available chlorine is the good chlorine that is acti