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If you live in North Carolina and a credit card debt judgment was issued how can they collect from you?

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The state does not allow wage garnishment for creditor debt. The judgment can be executed as a bank account levy (including joint accounts), seizure and sale of non-exempt property belonging to the debtor, liens against real property. N.C. as most states has 'loophole' laws that can prevent the forced sale of a primary residence if the homestead exemption is not sufficient to protect the property.
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Can a collection agency file a judgment on you for credit card debt in Texas?

\n Answer \n. \nNo. A collection agency has no legal authority. They can refer the account to a collections attorney who can then file a lawsuit for the debt owed.\n. \n

How do you know if there is a judgment for your credit card debt?

  Answer   Generally you cannot have a judgment against you unless the plaintiff has given you proper legal notice of the lawsuit and you havehad an opporunity to def

Can a collection agency put a judgment against you for an old credit card debt that is 10 years old?

  Answer     You need to have a look at the relevant legislation in your state to ascertain where you stand.     I would suggest that you contact a financi

Does it affect your credit score if you don't have any judgments or collections on your credit report but you do have a lot of credit card debt but always pay on time?

  Answer     Yes, current debt and payment history are significant factors in credit scores. Credit scores are generated by software that considers ALL the data

Where can I find North Carolina disability laws and credit card debt?

If you are interested in obtaining disability benefits from Social Security, then the local Social Security office can give you the forms you will need to complete with your D

Is there a Statute of Limitations for Credit card debts in North Carolina?

  STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS (IN YEARS)   * Open Account: 3  * Written Contract: 3  * Sales (UCC) Contract: 4  * Domestic Judgment: 10  * Foreign Judgment: 10   BAD

Can a collections agency issue a warrant for arrest for a credit card debt?

  No they can not issue a warrant for your arrest. Any collection agency that does should be reported immediately to the proper authorities. They will be fined and will lo

A debt collection company is trying to get a judgment against me on a credit card i had't paid on since 2001' what is the statute of limitations in Kentucky?

  5 years on an open account. This is a credit card or revolving account. Statute begins tolling from when the cause of action began -- when the individual breached the te

Is a wife responsible if the credit card debt was in her husband's name in North Carolina?

No. The person named on the credit agreement is solely responsible  for all debts incurred on the card. The only exception is - if the  account is in joint names - and BOTH