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If you lost your bankruptcy discharge papers how do you get another copy?

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Contact the clerk or administrator of the court where the bankruptcy was discharged or you can visit pacer.gov for your records. Or if your in a hurry you can go to one of the online retrieval services if you live out of the state you filed in. There are several good ones. The cost is minimal and you can usually get them back via email within a couple of hours. The one I have used in the past is www.bankruptcy-records.us they have a phone number to talk with a live person to check the availability of your records before you order them. Super friendly
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What is a discharged bankruptcy?

  Answer     In a chapter 7 it is a total liquidation BK, that has been found valid and has been approved. Therefore the debtor(s) are discharged from the debt(s)

How can you get a copy of discharge papers?

  Answer     Contact the clerk or court administrator where the bankruptcy was discharged. The clerk will inform the involved party of the procedure needed to obt

Where can you get your bankruptcy discharge paper?

  In most cases it will be sent to you by the bankruptcy court. If you need another copy or have not received your discharge papers when you believe you should have then c

What can be discharged in a bankruptcy?

After a bankruptcy order is made the official receiver becomes the receiver and manager of the bankrupt's estate. The estate is administered by a trustee in bankruptcy who may

How do we get a copy of a deceased family member's army discharge papers?

You could try two ways. One is to have the executor/administrator contact the army to request a copy of the discharge papers. The army will have certain procedures and paperwo

How to get a copy of World War 2 discharge papers?

You can get military records from: http://www.archives.gov/st-louis/military-personnel/ Or if you are a fairly recent Vet you can contact: http://www.archives.gov/veterans/eve

How soon do you get your discharge papers from bankruptcy?

it all depends... what type of bankruptcy and whether you've been to court already, and what youre debtors are thinking... file to hearing 3 months, and then a waiting period,
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How does one replace lost discharge papers?

On google type in Military records and select a Government site. There is no charge for copies of your discharge or dd214 so don't respond to one of the "free" sites that asks