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If you make 30k a year have no debt and your FICO score is in the low 800's would it be possible to get a 10k-15k personal line of credit?

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You won't have any trouble at all getting a loan but most banks will probably want to issue credit by way of a credit card unless you have some sort of collateral (paid off car, or equity in a home)
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If you had an excellent FICO score in the 800s but were the primary borrower on a leased car that was repossessed because of the cosignee how badly will this hit your credit?

  Answer   You can provide copies of cancelled checks when applying for future credit, and this may help you in obtaining future credit, but the fact remains, the rep

When you have no credit history at all what is your starting FICO score?

  Answer     Well my experience has been that you may have a credit score of N/A. The way to build your credit fast and have a high credit score is to be added t

Does debt consolidation affect your credit score?

Since a credit score can depend on how many different accounts have outstanding balances, it's possible that debt consolidation can indeed improve your credit score.   D

You have been an authorized user on your wife's credit card account for the past year which is in good standing so how come you still don't have a FICO score?

  The reason you still do not have a FICO is because your credit was not used to apporve the application you are just a user much like a 17yr old uses a parents credit car

What is the highest credit score possible?

It depends on the Credit Reporting Agency because they all use  varying models. The maximum FICO score is 850. The maximum  VantageScore (a new score now used by Experian, a

Your credit score is 635 you would like to improve your fico score to purchase a home Will opening three lines of new credit establish good credit in a year?

Answer   Opening three lines of credit will drop your score because it increases your perceived risk. It is impossible for risk managers to immediately assess how you w

Are credit score and FICO score the same?

Credit score could be any number of diffrent scoring models a FICO score is from a specific company that was named Fair Issic Company but now goes by just FICO for more info c

Do credit cards with low credit lines hurt credit scores?

  No, the score model recognizes the balance on the account in proportion to the credit limit as a percentage. For example, if you have a balance of $10,000 with a $ 50,00

What are advantages of a 800 fico score?

  I don't know that there are any silver bullets that come your way at 800, but you will never be accused of having bad credit... ever. From my own research, it seems that

How do you get your fico score?

The best way to get your FICO score if for free. go to annualcreditreport.com and get a truly free copy of your credit report then go to the My fico Website and enter your dat

Will running your credit report impact your fico score when shopping for a home loan?

  Yes and no. FICO will make adjustments to your score when you shop for credit, which is what an inquiry indicates. How much this will affect your score depends on your c

Which action will help increase a low FICO score?

Reduce your credit card balances down to at least 50% of your  limit. The next break is at 30%, then 10%. Paying a card off can  actually drive your scores down. If your cre