If you marry an immigrant can they be deported?

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yes, my husband is Mexican and we have a child, but they still deported my husband
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What could happen to a US citizen that is married to an illegal immmigrant if the immigrant spouse is deported?

Answer . \n. \n. \nIf the marriage is legitimate the citizen spouse will not encounter any problems with authorities. If the foreign national spouse was not permanently

Can you a US citizen marry an illegal immigrant who has been deported?

Yes. But there is no guarantee the spouse will be re-admitted to the country. It may be possible, but the terms and conditions for the spouse's re-entry into the country will

If deported can you get married?

If you are deported, there are no prohibitions to you gettingmarried. You might also be able to prevent deportation if yourspouse has legal status in the United States.

How do you deport an immigrant?

If they are in your country legally, you can't. If they are illegal, you should inform the police. In both cases, it is the governent not the people who decides who shoul

If I marry an Illegal Immigrant who has been deported and I am a US citizen can he get citizenship?

OK. There is really no simple or easy answer to this question as the answer depends upon several different factors. First of all, how long ago was your loved one deported and
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Can immigrant be deported after marrying Canadian citizen?

YES - You are a refugee. That is a criminal offense by Canadian Laws. (this happens to many people especially in foreign countries). It seems like now a days people overseas b