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If you need 220v 3-phase power how many wires are required coming in from the transformer or power pole and what are the voltages or potential purposes of each wire load 110v load 220v neutral ground?

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In 120/208V 3 phase system you have 5 wires: three hots, one neutral, and one ground. You have 208V between any two hots and 120V between any hot and neutral. The neutral is the same as in a single phase system. Clarification: Only 4 wires maximum come from the pole - 3 phases and a neutral, and then only if the transformers are on the pole. The ground is always locally derived from a ground rod(s) and/or cold water pipe ground. Most of the time, only 3 wires come in from the pole - the 3 phases in a Delta configuration (Delta has no neutral). The neutral is then derived from a local transformer connected in a Delta-Wye setup. The neutral is the center connection in the Wye. So, from the utility feeder to the transformer - 3 wires. From the transformer (wherever it is located) to the building service entrance panel - 4 wires. The ground is connected at the service entrance panel, and from there to the rest of the building you would have all 5 wires. Clear? In the US, 208/120 is a standardized mains voltage, but in some parts of the world, the phase-to-phase voltage is 220. In that case, the phase-to-neutral potential (in a 3-phase system) would be 127 Volts, not 120.
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