If you only eat cottage cheese for the next 2 weeks will you lose weight and how much?

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Answer Your body needs all sorts of vital nutrients, vitamins and minerals that you simply won't get from just eating cottage cheese for two weeks. You will start feeling sluggish, weak, disoriented and probably worse after just one week on a diet like that. It's also not sustainable in the long term - it's not going to help you become healthy or keep you healthy.

Losing weight is a matter of balance. You body needs a certain amount of calories a day to maintain your current weight. Any more calories then that and you gain weight, any fewer and you will lose weight. Fitday.com, The dailyplate.com and many other FREE online websites can help you find out what your current calorie maintenance level is. A safe number of weight to lose is 1 to 2 lbs a week depending on how heavy you are. The weight didn't come all at once and it's not going to leave all at once either. In order to lose 1lb a week you need to eat 500 fewer calories a day then your maitenance level. 2lb means you need to eat 1000 calories fewer a day. You can do this by eating less or by exercsing more.

You can do this in a healthy fashion.

Answer I think if you would eat food like that for that long you would get sick but it is only my idea of what would happen. And a little bit off reaserch you should reaserch the food's you eat. Answer For one thing ur gonna get sick a two your thighs are gonna get fat!
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How much weight can you lose if you do not eat for a week?

The weight you lose will be mainly water and will soon come back when you begin to live again. It would be best to change your lifestyle to something including balanced, porti

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