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If you ovulated last week and hoped to have conceived and this week have been prescribed antibiotics for a chest infection would you be safe to take them?

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The best person to ask is either your doctor who prescribed them or the pharmacist who dispensed them. The sheet that came with them should also give contraindications/precautions.
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Is it safe to take penicillin during the last weeks of pregnancy?

  Answer     If your doctor knows you are pregnant and you are not allergic, take it, he is prescribing it because it is the best antibiotic for your condition. 

Why would a urine test come out positive before taking and negative after taking antibiotics for a bladder infection when you are on Mircette Birth Control and started your period a week ago?

    Answer     Bladder infections can spread into your kidneys and then into the blodd stream so they were probably checking to see how far it had progressed

What to do after eye infections continue 3 weeks after antibiotic treatment?

  It depends on many things, so let's assume we are talking about bacterial conjunctivitis which is a common eye infection treated with antibiotic eye drops. If one takes

What antibiotic is prescribed for a tooth infection?

  It all depends on the type of infection. Generally you are prescribed a dose of Penacillin which can be administered either by injection (once only required) or a dose o
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Why should you take the entire bottle of prescribed antibiotic for an infection?

Taking the entire bottle/box/course of prescribed antibiotic medication is necessary in order to make sure that the entire bacterial population that you are targeting is eradi