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If you owe back child support payments will the state take your 401k when you cash-out?

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Can they take all my taxes if I owed back child support?

Nope ans Yes, they can. Child support is one of those things that is getting very special treatment everywhere in an attempt to make sure irreponsible parents don't just

Can a 401k be garnished for back child support?

No Benefits and refunds payable by pension or retirement funds are exempt and not subject to deduction orders. 735 ILCS 5/12-804. See also the exemptions listed in the sect

If you are owed back child support how long does it take to getit?

Sadly, many custodial parents will never ever see their back support despite all the efforts by the prosecutors office, etc. Unfortunately some non custodial parents get good

Can the state take your tax return if you owe back child support but are making payments?

Yes. The government has become acutely aware of the problem of children living in poverty because a parent is not paying child support. Therefore, very strong laws have been p