If you have a medical bill that you forgot to include in your bankruptcy are you still liable to pay for it even if it was done before you file bankruptcy and later found out the insurance didn't pay it?

Yes, it is still considered your debt, even though you have had a bankruptcy discharge. You could try reopening the BK filing and adding the debt on. That however is complicat (MORE)

If you were in a car accident and the other person was at fault should her insurance pay for your rental car medical bills and all of your repairs?

yes, assuming the are all accident related and she is 100% negligent, and therfore liable/responsible for your damages.......if a specific problem with some of this give mor (MORE)

If you turned your medical bills over to your insurance should he include these costs even if the other person's adjuster wants you to pay medical bills out of the final settlement?

Recovering medical expenses . \nI would consult with an Attorney, otherwise you may end up paying for some of your medical bills out of your own pocket after the final sett (MORE)

Must you reimburse your insurance company for medical bills paid on your behalf when you get a settlement from the other insurance company even though youve been paying premiums to cover medical costs?

Answer . normaly yes, many people dont. you can wait it out, see if they ever catch on. if not go buy some shoes, if they do, which usually takes at least a year, get read (MORE)

When Can a medical bill be turned over for collection?

In the majority of states a medical bill can be turned over to a collection agency at any time. Doesn't matter if you are paying on the bill or have an agreement with the doct (MORE)

Who pays for pain and suffering when the person responsible for the car accident doesn't have enough insurance to even pay for your medical bills?

generally, it would be from your "uninsured/under-insured motorist" coverage. You wind up suing your own insurance company to collect. If the uninsured motorist coverage on yo (MORE)

What do you do if you are in an accident and not your fought and the other person only has min ins and it don't even pay your medical bills who do you turn to?

The insurance co will cover only the policy limit/amount, however, you can sue the other driver for the rest. However, the insurance co will ask you to sign a release of all c (MORE)

Who covers the costs for medical and car repairs if the other person who is at fault doesnt hcarry their own insurance?

If the other party does not have auto insurance and you do not have uninsured motorist coverage on your policy then your only recourse would be to file suit against the party (MORE)

How has the cost of medical insurance changed over time?

According to a July 2012 article on the website CNNMoney, the cost of medical health insurance has been increasing over time. Health care premiums have been increasing at a r (MORE)