If you use a digital optical audio cable do you need to use the standard audio cord as well For surround sound?

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Digital optical audio cable can carry data to decoder-enabled devices in a few formats; Dolby DTS is one of many such formats. Some of these can carry surround sound.

Besides, optical is digital, and standard sound card output is analog.
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How long can an optical audio cable be?

I'm a theatre and stage technician who primary works in the area of sound design. We commonly use optical cables in the theatre to send as many as 8 full audio streams at a time down the line using something known as ADAT.. While professional optical cables are identical to consumer cables, except (MORE)

Can you use an AV cable as a digital audio coaxial Coax cable and how?

Answer . YES . If you wish do use the digital audio output from a device such as a CD or DVD player, and run it through an outboard digital to analogue converter(DAC), or an inbuilt DAC in an AV amp, any single RCA cable will do the job. Hi-fi dealers claim that a digital RCA cables are special (MORE)

Can you run surround sound off of composite audio ports?

Answer . Hi, Probably, but depending on your TV set's system, you may not get surround sound but instead, standard stereo. That's because surround sound needs an encoded signal to work properly and the TV's audio system may not pass that portion of the signal through the audio chain. Give i (MORE)

Can you use an audio cable for video?

For short signal runs, audio cable can be used for video without any issues. As the length of cable increases, it become more important to use cable that is designed for video signals. For most video signals, this will be a 75 ohm co-ax cable such as RG59. There will only be a noticeable difference (MORE)

What is a optical audio cable used for?

An optical audio cable is used to transmit digital audio (AC-3) signal from the source to the receiver, such as from a DVD player to a digital audio amplifier/receiver.. You can transmit 5.1 dolby digital or DTS surround sound with an optical audio cable, same as digital coaxial audio cable.

What are audio cables?

Audio connectors and video connectors are electrical connectors for carrying audio signal and video signal, of either analog or digital format. Analog A/V connectors often use Shielded cable to inhibit radio frequency interference (RFI) and noise. They use connectors such as SPEAKON, XLR, TRS and RC (MORE)

Can a Component RCA Video cable be used for audio for connections?

The answer is YES & NO ! 1. Simply because there are 2 popular modes of the Component systems Progressive vs. interlaced component video 2. One will work and the other will create a distortion/interference since the signal is strong and that is why a 75 ohms coaxial is used. 3. we had several inc (MORE)

Can you use speaker wire as audio cable?

Yes it is possible but speaker wire is made to carry high current. Audio line level signals do not need the high current capability but they typically use a cable that is screened to prevent noise being picked up along the length of the cable. The screen is typically a copper braid or a foil around (MORE)

What is better quality audio digital or digital optical?

\nThe question probably refers to a copper digital interface against an optical interface. The copper interface carries electrical signals while the optical interface uses light pulses to carry the signal.\n. \nThe quality of either of them is dependent entirely on the quality of data that is fed (MORE)

Can you use an video cable for audio?

Assuming it has the right connectors (RCA probably) a video cable can be used for audio. Most of the time they are exactly the same cables. The only difference being the clour of the RCA plugs on the end. This is only for identification, so that the correct sockets are used at the other end of the w (MORE)

Audio versus digital sound?

I assume you mean analogue versus digital sound? In analogue sound reproduction, the sound is converted to another form - as an analogy. Waves in the air are converted into waves in vinyl or magnetic patterns on tape. In digital reproduction, the sound is first of all converted to electrical v (MORE)

What is better HDMI audio or digital optical audio?

HDMI and optical are both physical carriers for data. Whateversignal is put onto the cable or fiber will come out the other endand will be identical quality. The quality of the signal isentirely dependent on the signal source and not the interfacecable. The better interface is the one that fits bett (MORE)

How many audio inputs will you be using on your audio board to control the sound levels?

Professional mixing consoles from companies such as Midas, Soundcraft and Yamaha have everything between 1 to 96 microphone input mixers on the product line and larger ones can be ordered custom made. Most common ones used usually have something between 8-48 inputs on live gigs, but the recent ascen (MORE)

How do you connect optical audio cables?

Optical audio cables are a point-point type connection. There is a starting point and an ending point, with no intermediaries between them. If you wish to have the signal split, you need to use a splitter that provides multiple outputs. Other than that, the plugs are keyed, so there should be no (MORE)

Can you use a crossover network cable to connect a laptop to audio receiver?

Assuming you mean a TIA/EIA 568A to B (or B to A), these carry digital data that cannot be used by an audio receiver. If you want to transfer audio, the laptop probably has a stereo 3.5 mm socket for each of its audio in and out, so you'll need a lead (or leads) with 3.5 mm plug(s) at one end, an (MORE)

Can you use two component cables as a audio cable?

Yes, you can. Component video (YPbPr) cables are made to a little higher standard than most of the rest (though your results may vary). Most Component video cables must be made to match the impedance of the devices (in practice - 75 ohms) and the characteristics of the high frequency video signal be (MORE)

Why can coaxial cable cords carry HDTV but audio video cables cannot?

HDTV needs a very high data flow to support the fine detail of the images. The standard method for carrying video signals for decades has been with co-ax cables designed to carry video. The cables are designed to have certain characteristics and are tuned to work with both the video source and the r (MORE)

What is an input device used to input sounds or audio?

A microphone is a sound (audio) input device. Many computers also feature a "line-in" audio input port which can accept a stereo sounds signal, for example from a HiFi component. Speakers, headphones and "line out" connectors are all audio output devices.

What kind of audio optical cable is best?

There is no difference in optical cable in terms of sound. If the signal is passing through, it is working. Having gold-plated end plugs or other cosmetic features is not necessary, since it is not an electrical connection. The only concern is getting the cable long enough so that it reaches the two (MORE)

What are audio cables most useful for?

Audio cables are most useful for setting up home theater and computer sound systems. The cables help to connect the actual TV or computer to the speakers.

Does video cable sound better than audio cable?

Assuming you are talking about coaxial patch cables with RCA connectors, the answer is no--there is no detectable difference. (There are many people who will disagree with that, but they tend to be either people who sell overpriced cables for a living or people who refuse to admit--or even consider (MORE)

What are the best cables to use for hooking up audio and video components?

Audio components can be connected with speaker wire for signals from amplifiers. Brand doesn't matter, although a thicker wire will have less loss than a thinner wire. For the best audio, optical or coaxial digital cable for digital audio signals. For the best video, HDMI is the current standard for (MORE)

How is audio used in digital audio?

Audio in a digital domain is used in the same way as in an analog domain. Editing, processing, filtering can all be carried out in similar ways in either domain.

What is used in CD audio player to reproduce sound?

a laser. on the cd there are millions of pits. (peaks and valleys) the laser reads these pits SUPER FAST and creates the sound from this digital information (0's and 1's, On's and Off's) the "tracks" are laid out very similar to a vinyl record...one long track going around and around and ge (MORE)

Do they make a digital audio cable that fits older receivers?

It's not as simple as making a cable that fits. Digital audio cables and digital signals, both coaxial and optical, require a digital input. You need to convert the digital signal to analog to work with older receivers. These are available (Google Digital to Analog Converter or DA Converter). Just a (MORE)

Which connectors are used for digital SPDIF audio?

S/PDIF is the domestic digital audio standard, developed by Sony and Philips. It is normally carried on a copper cable using RCA (phono) connectors or with an optical fiber using TOSLink connections. Both interfaces carry the same data and can be considered equivalent to each other. One does not o (MORE)

What does one need in order to use audio conference calling?

A phone or computer is the first thing needed in order to use audio conference calling. If you are using a computer, then reliable conference call software is also required. When a phone is only used, then that and a conference # and pin are all that are needed to accomplish the task.

What type of cables an be used to connect audio video equipment?

The type of cable used to connect audio video equipment will be dependent on whether or not one is using HD or not. If one is using HD equipment, then an HDMI cable can work. If not, then look for an S-Video cable. A local Best Buy can personally help one in their decision.

Why would someone need to use an audio splitter?

An audio splitter is a handy device, especially in this day and age with the popularity of iPods and MP3 players. The audio splitter is used to split the audio signal in 2 or more paths. A person wanting to share their iPod or MP3 player would use an audio splitter.