If you wear a 8.5 shoe size in womens then what would your shoes size be in mens?

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Womens sizes are typically two full sizes smaller than mens sizes. So, a womens size 8.5 would be comparable to a mens size 6.5. However, womens feet are narrower than mens. So the width is not comparable. If a woman wears a size 8.5 meduim (meaning, they have a B, or meduim, width foot), then they would need a mens size 6.5 narrow, or A/B, width.
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If you wear a size 10 in women shoes so what size would it be in men shoes?

Not all shoe brands are the same, but for New Balance shoes, which is a good standard of measure: If you wear a women's size 10 medium (10 B), then your men's size is usual