If you were born in Belgium does that mean you are Belgium?

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If you were born in Belgium you are Belgian! You can't be a country! :P
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What does Twist Finish Belgium mean?

%DETAILS%. Answer . "Twist" refers to a method of barrel manufacture. Thin wires were twisted together then wrapped around a mandrel and hammer-welded. Although these we

Where is Belgium?

In Europe, with France to the west, The Netherlands to the northeast and Germany to the east and south. See the related link for a map and more information.

What does the Belgium flag mean independence from?

Answer . The flag was adopted January 23 1831, soon after the Belgians gained their independence from the Netherlands in 1830.. The flag had played an important role durin

What do the colors of the belgium flag mean?

The two major parts of Belgium are Flanders and Wallonia. The symbol of Flanders is a black lion on a yellow background. The symbol of Wallonia is a red rooster on a yellow ba

What does Belgium do?

belgium is mainly famous for brewing hundreds of beers... they are also famous for chocolate, waffles, lace, and for being the capital of Europe by housing the offices of the

How do you get to belgium?

it depends where you live From the south, cross France and continue north /keeping to the west. From the east, cross northern Germany and continue (not too far north because y

If you were born in Belgium does that mean you are French?

Part of Belgium is French-speaking, the other main part is Dutch-speaking. That does not mean that Belgium is part of France or Netherlands.. Belgium is a separate, independe
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What does moet mean in Belgium?

Wrong: It is the name of a family that produces champagne: Moet et Chardnon. Correct: moet comes from the verb moeten (have to, or must). Ik moet = I have to or I must.
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What does Belgium mean?

a country of northwest Europe on the north sea. inhabited in ancient times by the belgae, the region was part of the roman and Carolingian empires before breaking up into a nu