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If you were to use two different gauge sizes of wire per leg of a three phase electricity installation would the smaller gauge wire of the parallel set get hotter than the larger size wire of that set?

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Yes, because a thinner wire has higher resistance and dissipates more energy as heat.
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Electrical wire gauge versus amps table?

Look up or Google this:   National Electrical Code Table 310.16   This is the table you are looking for.   You can find a link by following the related question below

What is gauge 8 means in copper electrical wire?

In cooper electrical wire, gauge 8 means the wire size assigned by the American Wire Gauge (AWG) system. That is why you always will hear about AWG WIRE, it's not the type of

What wire gauge used for headphones?

The wire gauge in thin headphone cables is quite small. I have read of people rewiring their headphones using 12 Gauge wire. There are commercial cables that use 11 gauge. The

What wire gauge is used for an electric range?

For USA, Canada and other countries running a 60 Hz supply service.In a single family dwelling voltage drop calculations are not needed for the appliances as the distances are

What is the difference in wire gauge size?

  Gauge relates to the diameter of the wire.The larger the wire the more power it can deliver.   A basic rule: 6 gauge=50 amps. 8 gauge=40 amps.10 gauge =30 amps. 12 ga

What size wire to use to wire a garage?

Your question really depends on your local codes and what exactly you are wiring. With out know your local codes, all I can suggest is that you either do some research for you

How far can you run a 10 gauge electrical wire?

10 AWG has a resistance of .1 ohms per 100 feet. As a rule of thumb you want less than a 10% drop in voltage because of wire. You use Ohm's Law to calculate the allowable drop