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If you were to use two different gauge sizes of wire per leg of a three phase electricity installation would the smaller gauge wire of the parallel set get hotter than the larger size wire of that set?

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Yes, because a thinner wire has higher resistance and dissipates more energy as heat.
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What wire sizes would you use to wire a house?

  For branch circuits (receptacles, lighting, etc.) you would use 14 gauge wire if the circuit breaker is rated for 15 amps. For 20 amp circuits, you would use 12 gauge wi

What gauge wire uses less electricity?

The gauge of wire is determined by load size and distance wire will be run. You have greater loss, or voltage drop, with DC then AC. So a smaller gauge (bigger wire) will be r

Will a 10 gauge wire be larger than a 12 gauge?

Yes ... the smaller the number, the larger the wire diameter. As a comparison, telephone wires are usually 22 gauge.

What size conduit is needed for three 4 gauge wires?

Answer for USA, Canada and countries running a 60 Hz supply service. It really depends on what type if insulation on the wire you are using and what type of conduit you are u

What is the difference in electrical wire sizes and can too small gauge wire effect your electric bill?

no it won't, it will only effect your circuit breakers........your bill depends on how much electricity u use................. ------------------ Conductors that are too smal
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What gauge size wire to run a freezer?

12 gauge wire is used for household plugins, and 14 gauge wire is used for lights. So, 12 gauge is the size to use. But since a freezer has an electric motor, it is best to