If you write Account paid in full on a check doesn't the creditor accept this amount when signing and cashing?

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No. That's a myth that has been around "forever". It has no affect whatsoever, unless the check is actually written for the full amount that is owed the creditor.  
Section 3-311 of the Uniform Commercial Code does state that a debt can be discharged with a check designated as payment in full "if the person against whom the claim is asserted proves that the instrument or an accompanying written communication contained a conspicuous statement to the effect that the instrument was tendered as full satisfaction of the claim." However, it's up to the claimant to prove "that within a reasonable time before collection of the instrument was initiated, the claimant, or an agent of the claimant having direct responsibility with respect to the disputed obligation, knew that the instrument was tendered in full satisfaction of the claim." So if you receive a check marked "paid in full" made out for less than the amount you have agreed upon, you'd best not cross out the words "paid in full" or write "disputed" on it and cash it anyway, as you risk having the entire debt discharged. However, this condition does not apply to "transactions conducted or performed, in whole or in part, by electronic means or electronic records, in which the acts or records of one or both parties are not reviewed by an individual in the ordinary course [of business]," which means that this scheme will not work at all for most bill or credit card payments, as those payments are typically handled by automated systems and not humans.    The correct answer will different depending on the state. A state-by-state analysis is impossible here. There is pre-UCC case law and statutory law in many states that may still be operant, and it might cause the court to reach a different result than the UCC. The version of UCC 3-311 that is enacted in any particular state typically requires as a threshold issue a bona fide dispute over the amount due and owing, and further it may or may not allow for an accord & satisfaction check to be effective without a meeting of the minds or review by a live human being. If it may be effective without a meeting of the minds, the recipient typically has a 90 day period in which to send the check back. Presumably the debtor would have informed the creditor during the 90 days that the creditor had received an accord & satisfaction check, but a crafty debtor could stay quiet and achieve tactical surprise. Nonetheless, if the accord & satisfaction check is not for the undisputed portion of the claimed balance based on that dispute, a court would undoubtedly find that a reason to disregard it and find it ineffective to satisfy the creditor's claim. The version of 3-311 that does not require a meeting of the minds or live human review does allow the creditor to contractually designate a separate address for accord & satisfaction checks. If the regular payment address is used, the accord & satisfaction notation is ineffective.
So you need to know whether UCC 3-311 is enacted in your state, which version is enacted, what the contract says and what your state's pre-UCC statutes and case law look like before using an accord & satisfaction check. For UCC purposes, you must also have a real, substantial dispute, not simply be seeking a discount ... if you're just seeking a discount you must depend on non-UCC law, which may or may not help you.
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What do you do if an account was turned over to a collection agency but the original creditor accepted your payment in full?

Answer . Contact the original creditor. Provide proof of your payment. They need to retract the account from the collection agency. The account could have been sold to the collection agency or simply assigned to them. For your purposes, it does not matter which situation applies. You paid th (MORE)

Can a realtor change the amount of a lease after the lease has been signed by himself and the tenant and he has cashed the security and first payment checks as well?

Only if the lease contains a clause allowing the action to take place. Many leases will have a stipulation about rent increases and/or added fees. If there is none, then the terms agreed on are legally binding and any changes w/o the consent of all parties constitutes a breach of contract.. Adding: (MORE)

How often can a creditor garnish a checking account?

Answer . \nUntil the debt is paid according to the judgment award.\n. \nStates establish garnishment laws and each state differs somewhat in the way garnishment is implemented, the percenage allowed or if it is even allowed.\n. \nContact the court where the garnishment order was issued to obta (MORE)

Do you still owe a debt if the creditor refuses to accept payment for the full amount owed?

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What should you do if you got a 1099C from a creditor even though you paid them off in full in August and they didn't write anything off?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nCall first of course, but send them by certified mail, a copy of your payoff info and request they correct their records and acknowlege doing so by sending an Amended 1099C, (it may actually have a form number like 1099C-AMD). They aren't going to like doing so, beca (MORE)

Does cashing a check mean acceptance of a contract?

Cashing a check means you have accepted the terms of the deal thatwas made when the check was written. In certain instances, like acar or house transaction, you may have a certain amount of time torevoke the deal.

Your account is overdraft can you still cash a check?

Yes, if you still have OD limit and No, if you have exhausted your OD limit. Let us say your OD limit is $10,000 and you have used $7,000 and you have given a cheque for $2000, then your cheque would be cashed. If you have used $9,800 and given a cheque for $2000 your cheque would be rejected. (MORE)

If there is no money in a checking account can you cash a check?

There are a couple ways to answer this question. 1) IF A CHECK IS WRITTEN OUT TO YOU.. and you would like to cash it but have no money in YOUR account: Unless it is a government check or a payroll check you will not be able to cash it. Most banks now require you to provide your Social Security Numbe (MORE)

Maximum amount of cash in savings account?

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Cash paid to creditors represents what to Account payable?

It represents you paying all of your credits or loans... meaning, you used your cash to pay for your loans(accounts payable). And this will make cash a Credit and Accounts Payable Debit. Basically using cash to deduct your account payable.

Can a car dealer ask for more money a week later due to their mistake and for us to sign a new contract after we paid in full with a check that they cashed the next day?

Sure the dealer can ask for more money and you can refuse. Tell them a deal is a deal, and you expect them to honor the contract they signed. You payed them and hopefully you are in possession of the car. If so, I see nothing they can do, until you come back for service. Then they may try to recoup (MORE)

Can you sign on a checking account and not have ownership in it?

Yes. If you have the correct information. Usually username, password, sitekey, and know the security answers if asked, you could access a checking account that you do not have access to.. Which is why you should never share passwords, because a simple password for another site is often used univers (MORE)

Can you cash a check with a large amount?

You can only cash it as long as you have the same amount of funds in your account or even greater amount or an overdraft facility/arrangement. You can deposit it, but most likely it won't be available right away.

Where can you cash a check without a bank account?

At the bank on which the check is drawn - the name is usually on the front of the check near the top or on the lower left side; . At a check cashing service, such as Amscot; at some grocery stores such as Publix and Walmart; . At certain banks who offer third party check processing through Chexar; (MORE)

Can a creditor put a freeze on your checking account?

No. In the United States, only a government entity is allowed to freeze bank accounts, and only for the investigation of (and sometimes resulting conviction for) criminal acts. Creditors have the following legal tools at their disposal to get their money back: * Statementing/Invoicing (monies due (MORE)

Can you cash a check into someones account?

YES - if the account holder and the person to whom the check is payable are the same. NO - if they are both different. Ex: You can deposit a check that was given to your spouse by his/her friend to repay a loan into their account without any issues. But you cannot deposit the same check into your (MORE)

Can a creditor take money from your checking account?

It depends. If: . you have a monthly loan repayment agreement with the creditor wherein the creditor automatically deducts your monthly payments from your savings account or . you have defaulted on your loan payments for more than 2 or 3 months and haven't contacted the creditor reg. the same . (MORE)

Is cash basis accepted in accounting?

Yes cash basis is acceptable accounting concept in those industriesor companies where all sales and purchases are done on cash basisand nothing on accrual basis but it is still not recommendedmethod.

Where can one cash a government disability check if one doesn't have an account anywhere?

Some banks have agreements with some state governments to allow recipients of government checks to cash them at those banks. You should check with the government agency that issued your check to find if any bank will negotiate the check for you as a non-customer. If there are no banks with an agr (MORE)

Do pawn shops accept cash and checks?

Pawn shops will be more than happy to accept cash for items they sell and perfer cash over any other basis. In todays society checks are not accepted as they were years ago, it is much easier to stop payment on a check through your bank for a small fee and the buyer come out ahead with the item alle (MORE)

What if I write a personal check and my account doesn't cover it will it still cash?

Your bank may choose to cash it, at their discretion, and assess a fee on your account which could be from $20-40 depending on your bank's fee schedule. Or, your bank may choose to return the check to the payee (whoever you wrote it to). In this circumstance, if the payee presents the check for pay (MORE)

Can creditors find your checking account information?

The only way a creditor would know your checking account info is if you have a credit card from your bank. Banking information is NOT included in the credit report that creditors pull to consider your CC application...

Do you need a bank account to cash a check?

No. Take the check to the bank that it is written on. Some banks will charge you a fee for cashing the check if you don't have an account with the bank, but they will cash the check.

Can someone cash your check into their account?

No. it is not possible. Firstly, the bank will ask for identity proof and match the name in the check to the person trying to cash it. Secondly, if the person cashing it is found to be impersonating someone else, they can be jailed for fraud and forgery. So, don't worry

Do you have to replace a check if the creditor did not cash it in 90 days?

Legally - No. Ethically - Yes. Once you issue a check, the receiver of the check is responsible for cashing it on time. If they fail to cash it within the 90 day mark and the check expires, legally you are not bound to replace the check. However, from a goodwill and ethical perspective, you must re (MORE)

What should i do if my boss hasn't paid me in two months He always has an excuse and when i try cashing the written check he finally gave me he never has money in the account so i can't cash it?

Start by stop working for free. File unemployment if he is a realregistered employer and they will pay you. Stop going to work.Getthe NSF checks (all) and report the crime to the D.A. Go to thelabor board-it's illegal not to pay an employee once every 30 days.If the company has money, get a labor la (MORE)