If your 13 and you want to have a baby how do tell your parents?

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Just sit down with them and tell them. If they get mad at you your response should be that atleast you didn't just go for it but you want them to know before you do take action on having a kid. Just keep asking in a serious way and maybe they will.
I think you should really wait because having a baby recuires a job,full attention of a baby (like waking up at 3 am to feed the kid)and not to mention when they grow up.
IT'S HANDFULL but if you think your prepared then ask your parents until they agree cuz they are the ones that have your back. You should get their agreement first.

You will need to answer these questions:
- WHY do you feel you want a baby?
- Who will pay for the baby?
- Who will watch the baby when you are in school? Dropping out at 13 is not an option.
- Who is the father? It's illegal for a minor to have sex.
You want the very best for your baby and the best is 2 parents and he will also have to pay child support.
- Can you handle a disabled child?
- Are you ready to give up your friends?
- Are you ready to never have any money?
- Are you ready when you are old enough get a job on the side of school?
- Are you ready to possibly not be bale to go to the school you want since they; don't have daycare/is too expensive now that you have a baby/you can not move away because you have no money?
- Are you ready to still live with your parents when the friends you still have move on to college?

And I'm sure your parents will have more questions. It's also more risky to have a child this young. Your body is not ready for it just because you got your period.
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