If your computer is not switching on what is the problem?

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There are a couple reasons why it won't turn on.
It's not plugged in.
It got wet inside.
Or something isn't properly placed inside.
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Does an ignition switch problem have anything to do with transmission problems?

In this day and age of the computers there are no Separate Systems Par Say. if the original question pertained to any say 1997 to present GM car and/or truck There is a TSB ##01-07-30-002D That refers to this type problem, It pertains to: Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) On, Transmission Stuck in Se (MORE)

What problems do a neutral safety switch cause?

Answer . \nA misaligned or defective neutral safety switch will cause you to have to wiggle the gear selector in order to get the engine to start. You may even have to put it in Neutral. The switch is there to prevent the engine from starting while in gear. It should only start in Park or Neutral (MORE)

How can you correct computer screen problems?

It depends on the problem. Could be corrected by going to Control Panel, Display Options and making the corrections. It may be because the monitor is going bad or a magnetic fied is interfering with the displayMaybe a setting on the monitor itself needs to be changed. It could be a bad cable connect (MORE)

What are the problems with thermal switch?

If you have a problem with the thermal switch, your fans will not come on at temperatures that will switch the fans to on in order to cool down the engine temperature. If you have a problem with the switch (faulty, burnt out), the only way to fix it is to replace it.

Why does your computer keep switching on and off?

It's probably a problem either with the power supply itself (in desktop computers) or the cord not being plugged in well enough (in laptops and in desktops). There may also be a problem with the power cord connecting the computer to the outlet.

Where is the wireless switch on a computer?

There is no defined spot for a wireless switch on a computer, and depending on the model, you might not have one. However if it is a laptop if should be on the front or sides.. What model do you have of computer? And is it a desktop or laptop?

Why time on my computer switches back?

You have it set to automatically update to a server. You must have your time zone set different from what it actually is. To change this double click on your clock and then go to time zone and set it correctly or you can click on Internet Time and then check so that it doesn't automatically update t (MORE)

Problems associated with operating a switched LAN?

try Restart. Check IP address of your work group in control panel if I am not mistaken. Check the other computer setting. what make them can connect but not for you. Its a tracing error problem. I hope this can help you : http://www.techyv.com/questions/i-have-problem-my-lan

Why does my computer switch itself off?

A computer may switch itself off as a result of: . A power management setting to turn off if not used for a certain amount time, or if a certain action is performed (such as closing the lid of a laptop). . An operating system crash. . An emergency feature to stop overheating or hardware damage (MORE)

How do you switch your personal computer on?

Press the Power Button (This is also called the ON button). If your computer is a desktop, make sure that it is connected to electricity. If your computer is a laptop, make sure you have enough battery. If your computer is not functioning, go to the manufacturer for repair. if you look on the monito (MORE)

The problems faced by without computer?

Ok, 1st thing. Why did you put this question in "gorillas"? Just wondering. Ok, the average teenager (yeah, not a pretty thought) is always on the computer or texting or doing something with technology, right? I'm sure you do! (Parents!) Usually, it's hard to find information you are looking for w (MORE)

What do you do when your computer has problems?

Me, I fix them be it software or hardware. If I don't know how to I learn by buying books, search the web, talk to others who know and learn more. If that's not what you want to do then it would be good to know someone good at working on computers and ask if they can fix your problem. If they are wi (MORE)

Your computer restart what is this problem?

Scan your computer for viruses and spyware. If you are sure your computer is not infected, it may be overheating. If you're using a desktop, open up the tower and make sure the fans are clean and functioning properly. Fans are not expensive and relatively easy to install. If you're using a laptop, (MORE)

How is looping problem solve by switches and by routers?

The looping problem solved by switches by using an algorithm named Spanning Tree algorithm and Routers by using Dijkstra's shortest path algorithm. Switches handle the looping problem through making spanning tree. Switches : Switching handle the looping problem by building Spanning Tree. (MORE)

What problems were overcome with the computer chips?

Computer chips has offered speed beyond what is humanly physically possible to calculate. Also, allows us to not have to repeat so many mundane processes over and over but does it for us. They also allow multiple functions to be done simultaneously. The chip it will also help with accuracy.

Write the steps to switch on a computer?

The steps to switch on a computer begin with making sure that thecomputer and its peripherals are plugged into an electrical outlet.Turn the power switch on the electrical outlet and press the powerbutton on the computer tower. Turn on the computer monitor and waitfor the computer system to start up (MORE)

Why do computers have problems?

Computer's have problems because they are made by people. People are not perfect but can work out problems to a desired result. Computers do what they are told. Even still, in electronics there are still things that are not fully understood about electricity and how it actually works. Understanding (MORE)

What were the problems computers had?

well some problems computers have had were the premo scepto which is when a computer blows out its control panel inside of the computer , also there is a vinched topee which is when the computer explodes

What was Jamaica's problems with switching to the metric system?

Switching to the metric system involves: . changing rulers ie students' school supplies . shop keepers have to change scales, measuring instruments for length and volume; . packaging will have to be changed; . generally people are reluctant to make changes so there will be some resistance espec (MORE)

What is a problem in the computer?

All those extras you have can slow down your computer or glitich it up. Also when you are done using internet turn off your wireless card on your router or unplug your motem. IF YOUR INTERNET IS TURNED ON ALL THE TIME THEN YOU CAN GET SPYWARE OR TROJENS OR SOMEONE CAN HACK YOUR COMPUTER. IF YOUR IN (MORE)

What is required to refresh a computer after switch on the computer?

When a computer is switched on, it begins by executing instructions stored permanently in ROM. These startup instructions do some self-testing, configuring, and device initialization, and is called the BIOS. The BIOS will load into memory the next set of startup instructions, called the boot loader, (MORE)

What is the problem if the breaker isn't tripped and there is no power to my switch in computer room switch in foyer switch for outside porch and alarm panel is dead?

The most likely problem is that the breaker has tripped. On some breakers there is a indication window that shows a red flag if the breaker needs resetting. On other breakers there is no indication but a slight misalignment of the breaker handle as compared to the other ones. On the distribution pan (MORE)

What are the problems that can be caused by a computer by a computer virus?

if u mean what can they do to your computer there are many many things . delete files . copy files . share personal info . steal bank details . publish personal files . monitor what you go on . make you buy things and charge u alot . but worse, they can ruin your machine making it un-usabl (MORE)

How do you connect computers using a switch?

There should have been network cables connect the cables to the switch and than connect it to the computer. Or 1) Power up the switch. Connect all the PCs to the switch with standard network cables. 2) Put all the computers in the same workgroup: - On each PC, right-click "My Computer" - Cli (MORE)

How can you switch drivers on your computer?

The exact method for switching drivers on your computer depends upon which Microsoft system you are running. However in general, access the control panel (usually via the start menu), select 'Performance and Maintenance', then 'System', then 'device manager'. Right click on the driver you wish to ch (MORE)

What is a computer KVM switch used for?

A KVM switch, or keyboard, video, and mouse switch, is used to connect multiple computers to the same keyboard, video display, and mouse. This setup is often used in situations where one needs to use multiple computers or operating systems at the same time. For example, Network administrators use th (MORE)

Are switches computer out devices?

Switches are a type of networking equipment, so a switch would beboth an Input and Output device, as information is being send toand from a computer.

What was the problem with computers?

Computers have many flaws and problems, with the first and mostimportant one being the fact that they will never be able tooperate at the level the human brain does. Other problems includesthe fact that they are machines and machines are prone to breakingdown or not functioning in the way it is supp (MORE)