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If your husband who died with no will had credit card debt in his name received 1099-C cancellation of debt must you list this income on tax return?

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You must include all reportable income on the final tax return. Under section 61 of the Internal Revenue Code, forgiveness or discharge of indebtedness is gross income for tax purposes, so looks like that is what you need to do.
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What is credit card debt?

  Credit card debt is debt incurred as a result of using said credit card to make purchases of items that you don't have the money to buy at that particular time. Not sayi

How do you avoid your credit card debt?

If your trying to avoid paying your credit card debt, please keep in mind that there may be negative consequences. Creditors are multi-billion corporations. They are staffed w

What is the definition of credit card debt?

Credit card debt occurs when a consumer uses their credit card in excess and are unable to pay the bill. Often times the consumers has more than one credit card and they use t

If you receive a civil summons for a lawsuit for credit card debt and your only income is from disability benefits can you have a judgment entered against you or be arrested?

You cannot be arrested for a civil infraction. The judgment means they can attempt to collect the amount. In some cases they may attempt to take property to sell to get their

How do you get out of credit card debt?

The best way to get out of credit card debt is to pay-off your debt. If you can't do so, then making larger than the minimum required payments would be the next best thing.

How do you answer a summons for a credit card debt?

First, make sure that the document you received is actually a summons to appear. A summons must contain a docket number and a court date. Many collection agencies or collect

What do I do to get out of my credit card debt?

In order to get out of your credit card debt you must start to pay off your debt and this can be acheived by budgeting rather harshly. The quicker you save, the quicker your d

What happens if a person dies and has a lot of credit card debt?

The credit card company will first try to collect from the estate. Creditors are not allowed to put the extra debt baggage on survivors if the estate is insolvent. Creditors w

Who is responsible for credit card debt?

Generally, the person that signed up for the credit card is responsible. If any users were added to the account, they are also responsible. This include joint accounts. You ca

Is a wife responsible for husbands credit card debt?

If they are a cosigner for the debt, yes. Just because they are married doesn't make them automatically liable for the others debt, but it may very well make them responsible

How do settle credit card debt?

Okay I just went through this myself.. I have $32,000 in cc debt and had to consolidate bc I just couldn't afford the payments anymore. Now my payments are cut in half and my

What if you receive a summons for unpaid credit card debt what do i do?

Immediately contact your credit provider, apologize for the situation and ask what you can do about it.   There will be a solution, and they would much rather you work with

How do you pay of credit card debt?

The best way of approaching credit card debt is by consolidating all your credit card debt (assuming you have more than one credit card) into one account. This will obviously

Are you responsible for your husband's credit card debt if he dies but you are not on his accounts?

If you are not currently responsible for your husband's credit card debts, that situation would not change upon his death. Howvever, his estate might be expected to pay off t

What is the average credit card debt?

  In our area, I believe the average credit card debt to be about $2000.00 I know that sounds small, but we are a lot smarter than most Americans here.   In our area, I

Is credit card debt a crime?

No, credit card debt is a unsecured debt. Unsecured debt refers to any type of debt or general obligation that is not collateralized. Hope this helps, My Plastic Wallet www.my