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If your mom died leaving a mortgage how can you transfer the mortgage over into your name?

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I am so sorry your mother passed away. If you are executor (male) executrix (female) or heir in the Will, then it will go into Probate. Probate makes sure all debts are paid for before the heirs (such as yourself) receives the balance of the Estate. You must contact a lawyer to do this and they will be sure that all debts, mortgages, etc., are paid off and the Probate is finalized. If the mortgage is more than the monies left in your mother's Estate you still have to go through Probate so all bills are paid off, get the total amount your mother owes (hopefully you will get some money) but should her debts be more than what your mother had left in total, then you will have to go to the banking institution after Probate and take a mortgage out on that property. Be sure you have been left in the Will. If your mother has divided the Will between siblings or any other persons then I am afraid you will have to discuss the fact you want to buy the house. EXAMPLE: If the house was bought at $200,000 and your mother has a mortgage left of $60,000, and she owes taxes and other debts then unless she has other stocks/bonds/savings accounts, etc., to pay these bills off, the house will have to be sold to pay off these debts. This is when you could go into your banking insitution and ask to take over the mortgage on the house (providing the other heirs are in agreement) which I am sure they will be. Good luck Marcy
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