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If your period lasted only 3 days instead of the usual 5 days and a HPT shows negative 9 days before your next period could you still be pregnant?

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usually you don't take a pregnancy test nine days BEFORE your period. i would wait until at least a week after when your period is supposed to begin. if you have a short period, it means you are not pregnant; it might mean that you are over anxious about being pregnant. stress can delay or hasten a period. if you're fourteen, however, i strongly recommend that you begin practicing safe sex.
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Could you be pregnant if your period only lasted and day and a half and it usually lasts three or four days?

  Answer     If you had unprotected sex at the right time it is possible that you are pregnant. Take a test.   Answer     Did you go out dancing or h

If you took a hpt the day before your period and it showed up negative but you still have a lot of the symptoms and your period hasn't started can you be pregnant?

It's possible. Take another test in a day or two, and if it's still negative and you're still afraid you may be pregnant, get a blood test done. Those can tell you a lot soone

If you take a pregnancy test 7 or 8 days before next period and it came back negative could you still be pregnant?

Yes. 7 or 8 before you period is too soon. You should do it no more than 1 or 2 days before your expected period.A negative test could also be the result of a phantom pregnanc

If your period was 8 days late and only lasted 4days n usually last 6 days could you be pregnant?

Period being late by 8 days is not uncommon. The menstrual cycle lasts at an average of 5 days, so if it lasts for 4 days, it is also very common. Being pregnant while having

You had sex a week before your period But the next day you had brown spotting and cramps And now your a day late for your period The pregnancy test are coming out negative Could you still be pregnant?

  Yes. A pregnancy test can be a false-negative, but never a false-positive.     A false negative (meaning you think you're not pregnant, because the test was negat

Are you pregnant if you have a positive hpt and the next day have a negative hpt then get your period?

Did you read the positive hpt within the test time limit (usually no more than 10 minutes after taking the test)? It could have been an evaporation line if you read the test