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If your spouse dies and your house is in your name via community property change are you then responsible for debts incurred by the deceased spouse?

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I am not certain what you mean by "community property change", unless it pertains to a divorce decree. If you live in a community property state, and the debts were incurred while you are married. The spouse is indeed responsible for those debts. In non-community property states the person who contracted the debt, is the only person responsible. Therefore, the debt(s) usually "die" with the deceased person. There are exceptions, however, some states have laws which make the spouse responsible if the debts are defined as "necessities". Such as medical expenses, food, shelter, etc.
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If a deceased person has credit card debt only in their name is the spouse responsible for that debt?

If the couple resided in a community property state the surviving spouse MIGHT be liable for the debt(s). In general married couples in community property states are equal par

In Mississippi is the surviving spouse responsible for debts solely incurred by a deceased spouse?

Answer . \nNo.\n. \nMississippi is not a community property state.\n. \nThe state does, however, have a rather obscure "necessities" statute which pertains to those item

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Answer . \nNo.\n. \nThe credit card debt will become a part of the probate procedure and will be handled according to the distribution laws of the state in which the pers

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The creditor should be notified of the death of the debtor. The decedent's estate is responsible for the debt. If there are no assets in the estate the estate is insolvent and

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They might be. Anything jointly owned would normally become sole property of the spouse, but, is still part of the deceased's estate. After taking appropriate legal steps for

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It depends on the state you live in. If the married couple resided in a community property state at the time of the spouse's death the surviving spouse might be held accountab