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If your wife gets sole custody of your children can she still take you back to court for reasons other than an increase in child support?

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I believe that the wife can take you back to court for changes in visitation scheduling. She can take you back to court for obtaining clarity on the visitation which you have been granted.
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How will it affect child support payments if your husband's ex-wife gets sole custody?

Child support, is based on the needs of the child and the economicsituation of the parents. Child support is primarily determined by what it takes to providethe child with a r

Can an unwed mother get sole custody or physical custody and still receive child support?

Yes. In the US the law presumes that an unmarried mother retainssole custody to the child until a court rules otherwise. Childsupport and custodial issues are two entirely dif

Do you have to pay child support if the other parent has sole custody?

Usually yes, but the amount will be based on factors such as yourincome, the other parent's income, etc. Try citizens advice bureau(if you're based in the UK) or equivalent fo

The mother of my children gets child support and my children don't live with her Is this illegal and can i take her to court for back pay?

You need to go to court to modify your child support agreement. Yes, as long as your old agreement hasn't been modified, she can legally collect child support from you. There

If you have married a man with children-can his ex-spouse take him back to court for a child support increase due his new wifes income?

A new wife's income cannot be attached for any child support arrears owed by the father, but her credit and any shared assets may be affected. In states like California, he

If you owe child support can you come to court for sole custody?

You can still apply for sole custody, but you would not be awarded custody unless you are able to demonstrate, at the least, that you are financially capable of supporting tha