If your wife had insurance on her car and gave you permission to drive it but the insurance did not cover you would you get a ticket for not having insurance if you got pulled over for speeding?

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No proof of coverage Yes, You can be ticketed. If your name does not appear on the Insurance identification Card and you are pulled over you can certainly be ticketed as you are actually "Not Covered" on the policy. If you are a covered driver, then your name will appear as such on the insurance card. If you are not covered, then your name is not on the card at all or it will appear as an excluded driver. Although the Insurance Card may indicate coverage for the vehicle, it would not indicate coverage for you as you are not on the policy. Remember, Proof of financial responsibility is on the driver being pulled over, Under the law, The driver is required to be covered, not the vehicle. Answer From a Veteran Insurance Agent. Why aren't you listed on the policy along with your wife? As long as you are not specifically excluded you should be fine in an accident - however, the insurance company will re-examine her statements about other drivers in the house and may cancel her if she lied about you not living there. She should have an ID card in the glove box that you would give to the officer if you were pulled over. This prooves the vehicle is insured. So, no you would not get a ticket. You could, but most likely the insurance card that you will show will not list excluded drivers, so the officer will not know that you are covered. But if you get in an accident, you are in a world of hurt. If this is on british roads you the driver would get the speeding conviction either an sp30 or sp50 depending if it was on public road or motorway the driver would also get an IN10 for driving with no insurance and your wife would get IN14 for allowing use of her vehicle with the knowledge of the would be driver not having insurance thus failin to provide a duty of care to third party drivers if you have an IN10 or a IN14 most major insurance will refuse to offer to cover you for at least 3 years because your deemed a moral hazard I would suppose it depends on the state that you are in. The top answer at least in the state of Nevada is totally wrong. The insurance follows the Vehicle not the driver, now the first problem is that you as the husband are not on the insurance, for the most part and with all major carriers your spouse is automaticly covered as a named insured and you have all of the rights as the policyholder. Now that said if you are not on the policy because your driving record blows and you hid a material fact from the insurance company then there are bigger problems. It does not matter when you get pulled over if your name is on the insurance card or not if the card in the car matches the VIN of the vehicle that you are driving then you should not be given a ticket for no proof of insurance. If this was not true then there would be huge problems for companies like fed-ex or UPS or any other company with a fleet of vehicles. Do you think that your personal insurance would cover that vehicle? No so sorry there insurance veteran your theory is flawed. With all of the above said if you were not on the insurance because you were hiding yourself and got caught you should have still not gotten a ticket for no proof of insurance unless you were supposed to be carring a sr-22, if you were and did not have proof of that on you then yes here comes the fine. But if it is just for insurance then the cop should have taken the wifes policy as proof and left you alone.
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