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Im 13 years old you have some pubic hair and no arm pit hair and in the shower after gym the kids tease you because the have lots of pubes and arm pit hair one of them is even 12 is this normal?

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This is normal, don't worry about it. If you feel they're bugging you too much about it, you should ask them why they have such a curiousity with the area surrounding your penis.

-> Everyone goes through puberty at a different rate. Some very early, some quite late.
One guy in my high school used to get teased all the time. All the rest of us were like 6 inches (15 cm) taller and had armpit hair, pubic hair, bigger penises and scrotums. He still had a little boy's body. Then one summer he came back after summer break and he was taller than most other kids, and had hair everywhere.
Don't worry. It will happen.

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ok 1. i think its kinda gay to be starin at otha dudes hair and dick in the shower
sooo nxt time be like uhhh why u lookin for?
ok uhhh try shaving or....using sissors?
and mabey itle be better
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What is normal pubic hair growth for 13 year olds?

Different boys experience puberty in different ways. That said, at 13, you could often expect to have some armpit hair starting to grow, and perhaps some light facial hair in

Is it normal for your 12 year old boy to have pubic hair?

pubic hair in a 12 year old boy is very normal, and this is the time when the penis starts to get bigger and erections occur. Most boys of this age are desperate for someone t

Im 14 in grade 9 and you havent hit puberty yetIm 5ft4 you have no hair under your arm pits but you do have some pubic hair at the base of your penis and you ejaculate seemin When will you hit puberty?

boy start later then girls, some boy start at 15 it's normal for boys not to hit pubertywhen there 13 or 14 so don't worry you will git there. You have started Puberty ! If yo

12 years old with 1 inch pubic hair?

Pubic hair can start growing from the age of 10, and having hair at the age of 12 is totally normal.

Im 13 and have a lot of pubic hair is this normal?

Yes it's normal for you. Everyone is slightly different in the rate of growing through Puberty it's nothing to worry about at all.

Is it normal for your 8 year old son to have under arm pubic hair?

It's not something unnatural, although it is unusual. It just means that he may be going through puberty at a very early age.   A:   Pubic hair is situated around the

Im 14 years old and i have a 3 inch erect penis and i have no armpit hair and a little pubic hair is this normal?

No, it is not normal. But that doesn't mean it isn't alright for you. Most 14-year-old boys have bigger penises and more body hair. You might just be small. Size doesn't matte

Is it normal to have Pubic hair on 5 year old girl?

Um, I have no idea because my little girl is 10 now and that's when the body is shy of developing and back in my day I never grew pubic hair until I was 13 so if your really w

Im 13 and have no pubic hair is this normal?

Yes it is very normal. The age of starting puberty varies greatly from person to person. Some start as young as 9 and others as late as 17. If you still haven't started pubert