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Im 13 years old you have some pubic hair and no arm pit hair and in the shower after gym the kids tease you because the have lots of pubes and arm pit hair one of them is even 12 is this normal?

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This is normal, don't worry about it. If you feel they're bugging you too much about it, you should ask them why they have such a curiousity with the area surrounding your penis.

-> Everyone goes through puberty at a different rate. Some very early, some quite late.
One guy in my high school used to get teased all the time. All the rest of us were like 6 inches (15 cm) taller and had armpit hair, pubic hair, bigger penises and scrotums. He still had a little boy's body. Then one summer he came back after summer break and he was taller than most other kids, and had hair everywhere.
Don't worry. It will happen.

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ok 1. i think its kinda gay to be starin at otha dudes hair and dick in the shower
sooo nxt time be like uhhh why u lookin for?
ok uhhh try shaving or....using sissors?
and mabey itle be better
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Why do you have under arm hair?

The warmest parts of the human body have the most hair.   We sweat there and the hair is for hygiene reasons, it collects the sweat. Just like eyebrows stop water from drip (MORE)

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What age do you grow arm pit hair at?

It depends. Each person is different. It usually depends on the climate of your ancestors. For instance, Italians had hair to protect them from the sun. Same with Middle Easte (MORE)

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Why does the hair raise up on your arm?

Because you are in a cold environment. The hair rises so that it can trap air as an insulator to prevent heat loss from your body. I hope that helps!

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Should you wax the hair on your arms?

Depending on how hairy your arms are. Waxing the hair on your arms can be painful but if you're a beauty freak you can. If you're a dude though, you'll seem a bit strange.

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What's a good hair style for a 13 year old boy with 12'' long wavy hair?

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Why is hair under arms?

Hair grows everywhere on your body except on places like your lips and your eyes.......