I think I'm almost done with puberty I have some facial hair some arm-pit hair a lot of pubic and leg hair I have sperm but my voice hasn't changed will it and will my penis still grow?

Here's the thing: most men don't actually totally finish puberty until the age of 20, sometimes as late as 25. You will continue to grow in height and you will continue to dev

What age do you grow arm pit hair at?

It depends. Each person is different. It usually depends on the climate of your ancestors. For instance, Italians had hair to protect them from the sun. Same with Middle Easte

Is it normal for your 12 year old boy to have pubic hair?

pubic hair in a 12 year old boy is very normal, and this is the time when the penis starts to get bigger and erections occur. Most boys of this age are desperate for someone t

Should a 13 year old shave her pubic hair?

Its up to you!  its good hygene to be if you dont want to look like a member of ther big foot family!  lmaao  and you wont smell down below when its your time (;

Why does a 3 year old have pubic hair?

  A three-year-old has pubic hair because of short, wispy hairs on the pubic area. Some three-year-olds have no hairs on their pubic area and some have a few short, wi

Is it normal to have Pubic hair on 5 year old girl?

Um, I have no idea because my little girl is 10 now and that's when the body is shy of developing and back in my day I never grew pubic hair until I was 13 so if your really w

Im 13 and have no pubic hair is this normal?

Yes it is very normal. The age of starting puberty varies greatly from person to person. Some start as young as 9 and others as late as 17. If you still haven't started pubert