I just had a baby 3 months ago and now im on the implanon but im gaining waight like crazy and i have the symptoms off being pregnant but i got my period for like 2 weeks last month?

Answer . Gaining weight is normal. But I'm not sure about that 2 week period. That is PRETTY long. My mom gained lots of weight too by the way, from preganancy.. Answer (MORE)

What can I do when I'm 19 and live in West Texas now and your girlfriend is 6 months pregnant?

19 Years Old, Living In West Texas Now and Your Girlfriend Is Six Months Pregnant: . You do the right thing by being there for her and supporting her emotionally as well as (MORE)
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I was on Yaz for about two years never missing a day. over a month ago i stopped half way through the pack. got my period right away and now im 9 days late. i know im not pregnant but is this normal?

in my opinion i would see a doctor. in my opinion i would see a doctor. in my opinion i would see a doctor. in my opinion i would see a doctor. in my opinion i would see a (MORE)

Can stress harm baby im 19 weeks pregnant?

Stress can increase blood pressure which can harm the baby as it can introduce Pre-Eclampsia which can be bad for you and the baby.. It is best to take things easy and relax, (MORE)

Im 17 years old and nine months pregnant. Im due any day now so i could burst into labor any second. Can a teenage mom give me an honest answer of how much it hurts to have a baby?

Well im 16 and just had my baby. I'm very tight 'down there' according to my doctor [and boyfriend] ha, and my dr. had explained to me my birth should be veryy very painful & (MORE)

Is a woman who is 9 months pregnant buried with the baby in her stomach?

a similar case exists with Sharon Tate. after the cleanup from the horrific muder- the arrangements were made. Sharon"s child ( which had been ripped out- and was already dead (MORE)
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You were addicted to heroin and didnt know you were 4 months pregnant when i found out i got on methadone to quit using now im not on anything will my baby go through withdrawls?

Hello, I take methadone 10 mg for chronic pain and found out i was pregnant. I continued my treatment under the supervision of my doctor. I reduced my med to twice daily on my (MORE)