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Im 36 weeks and 1 cm dilated my doctor thinks ill go into labor within the next 2weeks if that. how accurate can she be about that you have also already had preterm labor but they stopped it?

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eeh.. my doctor said the same thing when i was pregnant with my daughter. I went into preterm at 26 weeks,they stopped it, then at 36 weeks i started dialating. i was 50% and 1 cm.but i stayed that way from 36 weeks to 41.1 weeks.good luck :O)
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How soon can you go into labor being 36 wks 1 cm dilated and your cervix has begun to thin?


How long can you go in preterm labor?

Answer   Very often preterm labor can be stalled with medication and/or home or bed rest until the baby is more mature to be delivered.

You have to go on a ten hour car ride you are 36 weeks pregnant and only 1 cm dilated Will the car ride make put you into perterm labor?

  Taking a 10-Hr Ride While 36 Weeks   First off for safety reasons, you shouldn't be in a vehicle for that long. Especially if you don't have a cell phone or know wh

You are 36 weeks 1 cm dilated and your cervix is soft how long until you go into labor?

  i had some fluid leak at 32 weeks and went to hospital. the doc said my cervix was long and soft. a soft cervix does not mean labour is on the way, sorry to disappoint!!

Will Castor oil induce labor at 38 weeks and 1 cm dilated?

I will be 38 weeks pregnant in 2 days. The doctor said that I was already dilated to 3 and that I wouldn't probably go until my induction date of the 21st (39 weeks) but I tri

Can you go in labor at 36 weeks?

  Yes, a woman can go into labour at any time during her pregnancy. When it occurs determines what medical definition it gets. If you go into labour before 37 weeks it is

Im 38 weeks pregnant and 1 cm dilated what can i do to dilate more sooner and go into labor?

you have all the old wifes tales like exremely spicey food and jumping up n down on the spot ect ect...but personally i believe there is nothing you can do but sit and wait! m
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You are 36 weeks and went to the doctor yesterday she said that the baby's head is in position I'm 1 centimeter dilated and that she is really really low How long until labor begins?

  the baby will come when he or she is ready to come, do not think that because it is coming "soon" that this means tomorrow or the day after, your body will take how long

How long will it take to go into labor if I'm already 1 to 2 cm dilated at 36 weeks?

First of all, your baby is not ready to come out at 36 weeks and you should not be thinking about giving birth yet. Your baby is not considered "full term" until 37 weeks, bu