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Imagine that friction suddenly vanish what is the affect on your life list five situation?

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Because this is just for your homework, I will not elaborate, and some may be wrong.
1. You would not be able to walk well.
2. You would not be able to play anything.
3. You would not be able to use the computer.
4. Dancing is out of the question.
5. It would be very difficult to hold and handle things.
6.You will not be able to burn mathematics
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List 10 situations if friction get vanished?

if friction vanishes from our lives then -: 1. we could not walk, we would keep slipping 2. In a frictionless world, all machines will become 100% efficient. 3. the cars w

Imagine that friction suddenly vanishes.How would life be affected. List ten such situations?

If friction suddenly vanished, the world would be difficult to  navigate: Objects in motion would remain in motion. Using anything  with wheels would be impossible. Sanding

How would life be affected if friction suddenly vanishes?

If friction vanishes suddenly then, Movement on the ground will be impossiblewriting,typing, etc will be also not possible.wind will uproot the tree and plantsa body won't be

What is one situation that friction is useful?

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What would happen if suddenly there was no friction?

we would suddenly fall from our chairs and slip off our feet. we would no longer be able to grip things and it would be extremely hard to move your mouse to click to recommend

What would happen if friction vanishes?

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What if friction suddenly vanishes?

  it would stink. We would technically not be able to walk or drive or run ect.   If you did manage to get moving you wouldn't be able to stop until you hit something.
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What is one harmful way friction affects your life?

as a result of Rheumatoid arthritis some of my joints have lost a lot of their cartilage. the result is extra friction which deforms the joints in the bone and causes some ser