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In'deal or no deal' if you deal at 50k but there is 250k in your box have you won 50k or lost 200?

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You have done both plus lost the other offers higher than 50,00 than would have been made if you contined as the 250,000 could not be opened until the last two cases
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How much is 50k?

K is the abbreviated term for a thousand, so it would mean fifty thousand, or 50,000.

How much is 50k on furry paws?

50k on Furry Paws is 50,000. "K" refers to a thousand in Furry Paws so just multiply the amount you see by 1,000.

How much money is 50k?

k is used as an abbreviation for thousand (for the metric term kilo), so 50k = 50,000. 50k US dollars is $50,000 and 50k rupees is 50,000 rupees (~$1001.9036 US).

How do you train for a 50K road race?

Free Running / Jogging Newsletter! Sign Up . Discuss in my Forum 5K Race Training: Train for Your First 5K Running Program for Beginners By Christine Luff,

Is 50k a year a high salary?

It depends on your occupation. That is a high salary for a fast food employee but a low salary for a doctor.

If you paid 100k for a house and going to sale it for 400k do you pay capital gains on 50k of the profit or the 250k exemption does apply for anything over that amount?

When you are a single taxpayer and you meet the 2 out of 5 year rule for the 250000 exclusion on the sale of your main home (primary residence) If your adjusted cost basis i

What is 50K in miles?

50 kilometers is 31.07 miles.
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How many miles in a 50K run?

A 50K run is 31.0686 miles.

What does 50K equal?

50 kilometers is 31.07 miles.