In Kuwait what is the Amir?

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Emir is Arabic for Commander, General and Prince. The Kuwaiti Emir's full title is "His Highness the Amir of the State of Kuwait", suggesting that in his case "Amir" means he is royalty also.
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Where is Kuwait?

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A country of the northeast Arabian Peninsula at the head of the Persian Gulf. ......... .

What is an amir?

In Arabic, an Amir is a prince or ruler of an Islamic nation. InHebrew, the word "amir" means treetop if spelled with an alef(אמיר), and sheaf if spelled with an a

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everybody knows that Kuwait is very very very rich country so off cause the Amir will be rich and one of Kuwaities celebration in FEB 25 ,2011 he gave every single Kuwaiti fre

Why Kuwait change from kout to Kuwait?

Because kuwaiti people always like to call things smaller .. so kout means small palace and because it's small they call it Kuwait .. not only this even chai = tea they say c
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Why is Kuwait the capital of Kuwait?

Because major government facilities are located in "Kuwait City" the capital of the country, same goes for the palace that the Emir resides in.
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