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In New York State is there a State tax on Social Security Disability benefits?

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No. New York is not one of the fourteen states that taxes Social Security benefits (retirement or disability).
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Do you pay state and federal taxes on Workmen's Compensation or Social Security Disability?

  Yes, but it is taxed differently then regular income, and like any income how much may be taxed depends on many other circumstances....other income, other deductions, ot

Are Social Security benefits subject to state income tax?

Fourteen of the 50 states tax Social Security benefits (through 2010): Same rate as Federal Government . Minnesota . Nebraska . North Dakota . Rhode Island . Vermont

What states tax social security benefit checks?

The states that tax social security benefit checks for federal rate  are Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, Rhode Island, Vermont, and  West Virginia. The states that tax on

Will you have to pay taxes if you collect Social Security benefits and state disability at the same time?

The answer depends on your total household income and your state of residence. If you are single and receive $25,000 per year or more in taxable income, or $32,000 for a coupl

Can you collect unemployment while applying for Social Security Disability in New York state?

Legally, yes, but it may be a factor in whether you're approved for Social Security Disability (SSDI). While the Social Security Administration doesn't prohibit people on (S

Which states tax Social Security benefits?

Fourteen of the 50 states tax Social Security benefits (through 2010): Same rate as Federal Government MinnesotaNebraskaNorth DakotaRhode IslandVermontWest Virginia Tax So

Can New York State ask the federal government to relinquish Social Security benefits to pay off state taxes?

No. The Social Security law allows garnishment of Social Security benefits payable to beneficiaries in only 3 major cases: Child support, spousal support and delinquent or owe

Can the state of Wisconsin issue a tax levy on your monthly social security disability payment?

The answer is that it can not. Refer to Title 42 United States Code Sec. 407. The problem arises if the State levies on a bank account that has SSDI income deposited in the

Can New York State tax authority garnish social security disability income?

The following rule applies to "regular" SSI benefits and may also apply to disability payments, but check with the Social Security Administration to be sure. If you have a t