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In Oregon after five years of marriage is spouse entitled to her husbands retirement pension?

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Can your spouse collect your retirement pension after you die?

Yes, if you are legally married, the survivor is usually  entitled to continue to collect the pension. although at a  reduced rate, than when the pensioner was alive. In cer

What are you entitled to from your husband after 1 year of marriage and you want a divorce?

Depending on which state you live in, the answer varies. In some states, marital property is considered to be "community property" which means that the couple shares the owner

How many years of marriage is your spouse entitled to your pension after divorce?

I and my boyfriend were meant to be forever but he met another girl  at his work place. She did everything to break us apart B'cos she  was younger and attractive, and final

Are you entitled to your ex husbands pension if he remarry?

Like most legal questions the answer is maybe. You don't say thestate and in some state you might not. In most states if thepension was divided by a court order called a quali

How many years married before a spouse is entitled to pension in Ohio?

Not enough information is given in order to answer. Entitled to the spouse's pension under what circumstances? Death? Divorce? Sham marriage? Common-law marriage? Not only i