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In Pa if the property was acquired prior to marriage by the person that passes away what happens to the property?

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The property will become part of the decedent's estate and pass to her heirs under her will or according to the state laws of intestacy if there is no will. You can check your state laws at the related question link provided below.
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Can teachers throw away your property when confiscated?

No they can't you paid money for so they aren't alowed to all you need to do is your parents have to get it from your teacher after school

How do you get over a person after they pass away?

You try to remember all the great times you had together....the person is alive while you keep the memories of him(her).... It is very hard to move on, but you should not! you

In a community property state is property inherited after marriage considered community property?

Inherited Property Received During Marriage is Considered Separate, not Community Property In Most Community Property States, inherited property acquired after Marriage is not

Is property acquired before marriage in a community property state considered to be community property?

  Property acquired prior to marriage is separate property and remains separate unless the spouse is granted on title and contributes to the mortgage payments from commun

Can I sue a person for refusing to get out of my property?

  Yes, in fact filing suit is often a requirement, to prevent the running of the statute of limitations on the trespass, after which you would have no way to evict them. 

How do you acquire unclaimed property of a deceased family member?

In order to "claim" any property of a person who is deceased you would need to have legal standing under the laws of intestacy of the state where the decedent lived. You can c

Can a wife sell things that was personal property of husband before the marriage if he abandoned the marriage in Wisconsin?

    Answer     You can only sell the property if he abandoned the property. And you may be required to send written notification to his last known address.

What is property?

Property is the ownership of a thing is the right of one or more  persons to possess and use it to the exclusion of others. Goods  refer to what is owned.

What is the Penalty for receiving stolen property in pa?

Value    Charge    Sentence      More than $5,000    3rd degree Felony    Up to 7 years in prison      $1,000-$5,000    2nd Degree M
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What is an example of personal property?

a personal property is something you bought or got ,and you keep it personal

What rights do the children of a deceased parent have when it comes to property if the parent did not have a will and was remarried but was sole owner of real estate prior to marriage?

    Answer       State probate laws determine intestate succession. It would be in the best interest of surviving family members to obtain legal advice or

Can a person sense when they are about to pass away?

Usually the person feels weakened, dizzy and disoriented before passing away. There are many conditions that precede passing away. Unfortunately the person does not want to
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How does a person remove a lien from their property?

A lien is security for a debt owed by the property owner. While the debt is outstanding, the person or company to whom money is owed may file a lien against property owned by