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In Pa if the property was acquired prior to marriage by the person that passes away what happens to the property?

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The property will become part of the decedent's estate and pass to her heirs under her will or according to the state laws of intestacy if there is no will. You can check your state laws at the related question link provided below.
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Your child has passed away will his children become heirs of your property?

If you die intestate (without a will) your property will be distributed according to the state laws of intestacy. You can check the laws in your state at the related question

Is property acquired after marriage in a community property state considered to be community property?

    Yes--unless the property was acquired in some other form (such as tenants in common) and both husband and wife approved that form in lieu of community property. 

If legally separated and I inherited or acquired real estate located in another state prior to marriage does my spouse have any right to that property if they live in a community property state?

Hmm and you owned this during the marriage i am assuming.. .. that might have a state regulation or so on but if you owned it during your marrage.. it will definitely be a "pa

Are debts acquired after marriage by only one spouse be considered community property?

  It varies from state to state, depending on if you live in a "community property" state. Lets assume that you do for the sake of this question. Debts acquired after

What has to happen to make personal property real property?

Real property is land and anything attached to it that cannot be severed without injury to the land such as homes, garages and other buildings. Personal property is any mov

What happens if a Condo is purchased by the husband prior to marriage and he then uses the equity after marriage to acquire another Condo within the same building. Is the Condo now community property?

Depending on the state where you live, it may be community property if you live in a community property state and file for divorce while you lack a pre-nuptial agreement that

How do you get a deed to real property if the owner passed away in Texas?

The estate must be probated when the decedent owned real property. You should contact an attorney who specializes in probate law. The estate must be probated when the deceden